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ShaoLin Center, at 400 Travis Lane in Waukesha, offers instruction in Tai Chi Chuan, QiGong, Yoga and Traditional Kung Fu. As Wisconsin’s premier school for traditional Chinese martial arts, relaxation and healing, ShaoLin Center has a wide variety of classes all ages, experience levels and disciplines, including: • Tai Chi Chuan • QiGong • Yoga • Southern Canton and Ha Say Fu Hung Gar Kung Fu • Traditional Northern ShaoLin Kung Fu • Chinese Weaponry • Chin Na (self-defense) • Youth Classes • Iron Palm/Iron Body Work SiFu Steve Kleppe has over 40 years of training – with masters throughout the United States and at the ShaoLin temples in China. His dedication to these time-honored arts benefits not only the students, but also the greater community through traditional Lion Dancing, and specialized seminars, presentations and programs for local schools and organizations. Visit www.shaolincenter.org for complete information.
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