Kenneth London
PIC is my son Jalen - not me.
  Recently moved to Greendale from Milwaukee's "Riverwest" neighborhood. Graduated from Milwaukee Hamilton High School in 1993. Graduated from University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1998. Master's Degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2001. Work in Human Resources for a printing company in Oak Creek. Divorced with 2 wonderful sons (ages 15 and 12) Greendale is nice, but I miss Riverwest - no offense. Huge Badger fan (UW alum), Packer fan, Brewer fan, and Bucks fan. Politically - lean left (I've voted for both Republicans AND Democrats). The polarized political scene of the last 5 years or so has disheartened and frustrated me. Way too much money in politics - ALL politicians are bought and sold by special interest groups.
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