The Greendale Review Newspaper - Revisited Week 10 - 12/15/38 to 12/29/38

The Greendale Review was Greendale's first newspaper and through 2013 I will post stories every Thursday from the early days of Greendale taken from the paper.

With this year being the 75th anniversary I thought it might be interesting as well as fun to look back at Greendale’s beginnings from the viewpoint of its own residents and local news stories of the day. Every Thursday through the end of the year, I will be posting humorous, relevant or just interesting stories from Greendale’s original newspapers.

The following selected stories are copied exactly as they were originally written (including some misspellings) unless otherwise noted. Some may be shortened with “…”. They will be in bold and italicized type.

Also, just a reminder - Greendale first opened to residents on May 1, 1938


The Greendale Review – December 15, 1938 – Holiday Greetings

    The fifth regular meeting of the community was held on Monday, December 5, 1938, in the Community Building. …

…Mr. Murdaugh stated that the Boy Scouts were receiving their charter and that there were about 25 boys in the group.

A resident asked that we keep Greendale clean of fruit cores and peelings, and also of paper, etc.



    Santa in his sled with a bursting bag of toys for the “kiddies” and drawn by his six prancing reindeer will be in Greendale throughout the Xmas season.

An outdoor display sign measuring six feet high and 22 feet long will be mounted on top of the Mercantile Building on Broad Street. The display will be silhouette form with natural pines in the background, forming a realistic setting for the colorful figure, so dear to all our hearts---Santa Claus.

Mrs. Helen Stark, 5601 Azalea Court, drew a small model and colored it, and using it as a scale has already started to draw the large display figure. The members of the Men’s Club will do the work of cutting out the figures in the work-shop at the school. …

… At night two large flood-lights will light up the whole scene and the Xmas Spirit will reign in Greendale.



A Free Press

Profit and Loss Statement for the period of Sept. 22-Dec. 1, Inc.

Issue of dec. 1

       Sub. Sales               $18.06

       Adv. Sales              $48.03

                Total Sales                           $66.09

Less:       Cost of Publishing                  35.65

                  Gross Profit                       $30.44

Less:       Expenses                                  8.43


Add:       Sundry Gains                               .62


Less:       Sundry Losses                            .33

Net Profit for issue of Dec. 1               $22.30

Add: Surplus of proceeding issues        26.92



December 10, 1938


         Cash on Hand                             $  7.84

         Sub. Receivable       $4.60

         Less Allowance

         For doubtful Accts.      .32            $4.28

         Advertising Rec.                           38.51

        Inventory                                      20.55

                             Total Assets            $71.18


         Prepaid Subscriptions                 $21.96

Surplus                                                  49.22

Net Worth                                            $71.18

Circulation Report

Net paid circulation.

Issue of Dec. 1                                      459

To Management and Advertisers             75

Total Circulation                                     534



    Greendale’s barber shop is the most modern shop in Wisconsin. It is equipped with the most recent design of Tonsorial supplies, sterilizers for barbers personal equipment such as combs, sheers, and clippers, an automatic sanitary soap mixer, dust proof and sterile towel cabinets and a special children’s chair.

The shop has available all kinds of tonics, shampoos, creams and massages.

The personnel includes Mr. Archie McCosh and Mr. Orville Harris, both residents of Greendale, who have lived here since June 15, 1938. Both are Master Barbers. The shop is union operated, and operates under the Wisconsin State Barber Code. …

… You women folks will be glad to know that both barbers are specialists in women’s hair styles.

You men can come in and get your ears moved downward.

Come in and get acquainted.

In the very near future, perhaps two weeks, Room 8 will be open every evening to adults who care to play checkers, chess, cards, dart ball, ping pong, badminton or shuffle-board. Lets arrange teams and have an interesting schedule. A word of thanks must be given to the men in charge for their efforts in creating a clean cut program of recreation.



    Fortunately, after many years of effort, the public has been largely educated against the extremely dangerous practice of using candles to illuminate Christmas trees. Candles continue to be widely used, however, for general holiday illumination and great care should be taken in their use. Also defective electrical wiring for Christmas tree lights causes fires each year.

Almost every Christmas there are several fatal accidents due to cotton trimmed holiday costumes becoming ignited. Cotton trimmings, whether as the whiskers on a local Santa Claus or as artificial snow around the base of a tree, are very dangerous and such decorations should not be used unless well fireproofed. A solution of borax and boric acid is satisfactory for fireproofing. Impregnation to the extent of 10 per cent of the weight of the material to be protected is the minimum recommended.



    Through the continued efforts of the Committee as well as the cooperation of the troop itself, Greendale has attained a charter which will be formally presented in the near future. We have gone a long way in organization of the troop and expect to have a permanent club house in a short time. The Committee’s aim and purpose is to make this troop one of the best in Milwaukee County. …


The Greendale Review – December 29, 1938 New Year Greetings from The GREENDALE Review

The Greendale Review changed its appearance for this issue by being slightly larger at 9-1/2” x 12-1/2”and being printed with a press on both sides of the sheet rather than typed and mimeographed on only one side. It will be the last edition with a cardboard cover that is a light green color that is a slightly different shade than the December 1, 1938 issue. Also, the ink was changed from the typical mimeograph purple to standard black. This size would continue through March 11, 1939.

All Night Parking Prohibited

   The Management has announced that no all night parking will be permitted in the future on any street or in any driveway. The Management points out that there are several reasons for this regulation, chief of which is the interference such parking will cause in the efficient operation of snow removal equipment.

   Parking without charge, will be permitted in the public parking area just west of the commercial center for those without garage facilities or for guests. Those contemplating use of this area for all night parking for a period of more than two consecutive nights are requested to obtain a parking permit at the information Desk in the Village Hall.

   All night parkers in this area are requested to park their cars at the north edge of the parking area.

   The Management requests the cooperation of everyone in this matter.


Next week –The Post Office finally open!

Thanks to the Greendale Historical Society, for which I am a member, for providing the original newspapers.

Please leave a comment if you like these postings – thanks!

Steve Peters



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