Teen Swimmer Gives Back to High School Program

Shaun Fleischhacker, a four-year varsity swimmer and a state relay champion, constructed a medal stand for the Greenfield-Greendale co-op swim program as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Shaun Fleischhacker climbed the medal stand plenty of times in his four-year career with the Greenfield-Greendale co-op varsity swim team.

Only problem was he rarely did it at his home pool.

The state relay champion took care of that for future PantherHawks with the donation of a medal stand he created, along with his scout troop, as part of his Eagle Scout program.

“Every meet I go to at a different school, (the school) always has one of these and we didn’t,” Fleischhacker told the Greenfield School Board on Monday. “It seemed like something that could enhance the sport at our school.”

Fleischhacker’s stand was constructed of wood and painted green with gold numbers, and was made in two pieces with elevated steps on both sides and room for six medal-winners. He said after a lot of planning, he built the stand with his troop in two days.

“I hope this serves a need for many, many years,” Fleischhacker said.

Jean July 28, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Very nice, Shaun! Thanks to you and your troop!
Frank Watkins July 30, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Great job Shaun. Another reason why GMA & GPA are so proud of you!


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