Bay's Nick Bellore Catches Fake Punt from Tim Tebow

The second-year linebacker got a first down on the play as the New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts 35-9 on Sunday.

Whitefish Bay native Nick Bellore did something Sunday that will probably earn him more notoriety than anything he’s done throughout his decorated football career.

He caught a pass from Tim Tebow.

The linebacker for the New York Jets made the play in Sunday’s 35-9 win over the Indianapolis Colts. It was the first catch he’d made in his entire football career, according to NJ.com. Bellore said he was “a little nervous” but made the catch cleanly and completed a 23-yard play that led to a touchdown. The video from NFL.com shows him making the grab and then diving headfirst over a defender. He told NYJets.com that after the catch, it felt like “Star Wars when they go light speed ahead,” with things happening pretty fast, so he just got the first down and was happy to get to the ground.

Bellore, in his second season in the NFL, has six tackles this year, playing primarily on special teams. Follow him on Twitter @NBellore54.


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