Third Graders Raise Funds for Hose Tower By Creating Greendale History Books

A third grade Canterbury class created and sold Greendale History books to help raise funds for the Hose Tower.

A third grade class at sold books about Greendale history and donated the $200 sales to the Greendale Historical Society’s Hose Tower Preservation project fund.

On Friday the class presented Greendale Historical Society board members Ted and Mary Mainella with a "check" of $205.

The idea emerged when teachers Jenna LePine, Randy Beres and Katie Matel took the class on a tour of Greendale's Village Center, which included the Hose Tower. The idea was born shortly after. It took the class about three months to complete the book, according to LePine.

The Hose Project calls for renovation of the building and turning it into a community gathering place.

The students interviewed Mary Mainella and board member Bob DeRoche to creat the book. Mary Mainella said she even had to do some of her own research to answer their questions.

Ted Mainella, president of the society, said this was the first big project with education outreach for the board.

“We hope to get kids interested in Greendale and interested in history,” said Ted Mainella. “If you make it interesting and make it come alive and kids respond. Without the teachers’ hard work this wouldn’t have happened."

LePine said she would like to continue with these kind of projects and possibly doing pen pals in the future with the other Greenbelt communities of Greenbelt, MD. and Greenhills, OH.


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