Third Annual Greendale Benefit Concert Raised Over $800

The student-run concert raised $820 for Sophia's Heart.

third annual benefit concert raised $820 for Sophia's Heart — a charity that aims to improve the lives of children.

The student-organized concert held on Feb. 10 featured performances by musicians from Greendale Schools, as well as the local community members.

The benefit concert tradition stemmed from a group of  students who felt compelled to help when a devasting earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. Each year, students from almost every grade level meet, hold auditions, organize a concert at the high school and donate the profits to a charity.  

Last year the concert benefited the Hunger Task Force. In the last three years the concerts have raised over $3,000.

Sophia's Heart founder Danny Gokey created a video to personally thank Greendale students for throwing the benefit concert and helping to make a change in the world.


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