Greendale Schools Offering Healthier Foods

Recently adopted updates to the Student Wellness Policy and the implementation of the 2012 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act bring healthier food offerings to the district.

The Greendale Schools’ Student Wellness Policy adopted a healthier food plan this year that includes calorie limits, larger servings of vegetables and fruits and more whole grains.

The school breakfast and lunch menus will not only include more fresh fruits and vegetables, but also fewer processed foods. According to the policy, foods will have no more than 30% of its total calories derived from fat and no more than 10% of its total calories derived from saturated fat.

Students will see the following changes:

  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Larger servings of vegetables and fruits and students must take at least one serving of produce
  • A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes
  • Fat-free or 1 percent milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grains
  • Less sodium

Fundraising projects are strongly encouraged to follow the District Nutrition Standards and emphasize physical activity.

The policy also calls for the elimination of sales of vending candy and artificially sweetened drinks, such as soda on school grounds.

During the school day non-vending sales of candy and soda will not be permitted on school grounds. Sales of non-vending candy and soda can be permitted after school, but not prior to the school day.

Milk, water, and 100% fruit juices may be sold on school grounds both prior to and throughout the school day.

A district-wide Student Health and Wellness Committee will meet twice a year to monitor the implementation of the policy, evaluate policy progress, serve as a resource to school sites, and revise the policy as necessary. The committee will be made up of  the following representatives:

  • District food service coordinator
  • Parent representative
  • Student representative
  • Staff member representative from each school
  • Administrative representatives
  • Physical education and health teacher leaders
  • School nurse
  • Community representatives (5)
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Parent volunteers
  • Village health department representative

Student incentives, rewards and celebrations will be required to follow the District Nutritional Standard. The District will provide a list of healthy party ideas to parents and teachers.

“With increasing levels of diabetes in children today, high sugar content of treats causes medical issues in the student population,” according to the policy.

Attached is the lunch menu for all school levels, along with alternative offerings menu to give students a choice of food options.

Cost for lunch per day:

  • Elementary: $2.00
  • Secondary: $2.50
  • Adult: $3.75
  • Breakfast: $1.50

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Robert Eom September 08, 2012 at 01:15 AM
This is the work of Greendale Public Schools...
Robert Eom September 08, 2012 at 01:17 AM
What about something about student classes and learning? All I know is there is a garden behind the high school with a brand new fence and a spankin' new administrative offices. Go Hot Lunch!
JM September 08, 2012 at 02:22 AM
In Minnesota they are only allowed 1 packet of ketchup. Ah yes, our government at work.
Greendale Citizen September 08, 2012 at 12:37 PM
I'm wondering if Robert or JM have children attending Greendale schools? The lunch program needed to be revamped. I can say this because I have children in the district and would rarely let my kids eat the hot lunch. Kudos to the district for finally doing something to get healthier options to our youth.


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