School District Sees Increase in State Aid

Greendale received one of the higher increases of almost 17 percent in the state.

As expected, the Greendale School District will see a large rise in state aid this year.

Greendale will receive $11.3 million in state aid, an almost 17 percent increase from last year, when it received $9.7 million, according to finalized state aid numbers released Monday by the state Department of Public Instruction.

Greendale's increase is one of the larger ones in the state. A majority of school districts in Wisconsin—64 percent—are getting less state aid than they did last year, according to the DPI.

The state aid increase will helped keep the district's property tax levy steady.

The finalized state aid amount is in line with an estimate released during the annual meeting. The school district approved a tax levy decrease of 6.8 percent in September. 


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