Greendale School District Offices Moving to High School this Summer

In response to growing resident enrollment at the elementary level the school district started researching alternatives two years ago. Today they announced the offices will be moved from Highland View Elementary to Greendale High School this summer.

After two years of researching other options, the Greendale School District offices are moving from Highland View Elementary School to Greendale High School this summer.

The move will create more classroom space at Highland View and help accommodate growing resident enrollment at the elementary level. The move will also enable the Time 4 Learning four year-old kindergarten program to be consolidated at Highland View. 

“This plan is a culmination of a two year investigation, which involved the Greendale community and District faculty and staff, into the best available solutions,” said Director of Business Services Erin Green.  “We are excited to finally move the Greendale School District forward, open up new opportunities and resolve long-standing space issues."

Work is currently underway and progressing on schedule. so that the Time 4 Learning Charter School classes and the Early Childhood Programs can be moved in before the beginning of the 2012-13 school year. The Greendale Park and Recreation Department will remain at its Highland View location through the end of July.

District Office operations will shift to Greendale High School.  The unused wood shop and auto garage will be converted into offices.  The cost of the total project is $999,907 and includes all architectural design, construction, renovation, furniture and equipment at both Highland View and Greendale High School. 

Catherine May 03, 2012 at 10:35 PM
This is a great idea but I have a question. Why are the wood shop and auto garage not used? Don't kids take these classes anymore?


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