Greendale School Board Approves Three Open Enrollment Seats

The district expects to decrease open enrollment for the 2012-13 school year.

The Greendale School Board approved three open enrollment seats in the high school level through the Chapter 220 program.

The Greendale School Board approved two seats in the 9th grade and one seat in 10th grade at a Feb. 6 work session meeting through the Chapter 220 program with Milwaukee Public Schools.

The board based this approval on projections for the 2012-13 school years. The program allows the district to open up more seats later, but not decrease the approved amount. Waiting lists will be developed at each grade level and will be offered as they become available through the third Thursday in September.

The program transfers aid at $6,948 per student to Greendale School District. In comparison, the school district receives $4,306 for a residential student.

Colleen McHugh-Moore, director of pupil services, said that there is a difference between Chapter 220 program and open enrollment. Chapter 220 allows the district the discreation to decide where to open the seats. Open enrollment goes according to district policy and is based on the minimum of the classroom range.

There are 42 open enrollment students who will be graduating in June 2012. There are currently 345 open enrollment students for the 2011-12 school year. The number is expected to decrease in the 2012-13 year to 306.

By noon yesterday the district had 152 applications, said Superintendent Bill Hughes at the meeting. About 600 to 700 applications are expected. Applications will be accepted through April 30. 

According to the school website, "due to rising resident enrollment, it is anticipated that the Greendale School District will have few, if any, available seats."

Click here for information on open enrollment at the Greendale School District.


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