Greendale School Board Makes Official Job Offer to New Superintendent

John Tharp will begin his new position as superintendent in late August after his final contract is approved.

The Greendale School Board extended a conditional offer of employment to John Tharp to serve as the new superintendent of the Greendale School District.

after the final two candidates were brought to Greendale and

Tharp was selected over a

The soon-to-be Greendale superintendent is a former high school teacher and an administrator for a high-achieving district in Tennessee. Tharp received his doctorate in educational leadership from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from UNC. He also published a book on school reform.

The board will approve a final contract in the next few weeks before Tharp starts his position.

The board based its decision on input gathered from stakeholders in the community through online surveys, community forums and meet and greets.

“I spoke with him late last week and he’s anxious and excited to come to Greendale,” said Greendale School Board President Joe Crapitto. “He’s already very aware of the first day of staff on the 29th and is already talking about how he wants his daughter over here on the first day of school.”

Tharp will succeed

The Rover August 08, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Hang on Greendale. I can only believe that Dr. Tharp will lead and not listen to the board of trustees.
The Rover August 08, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Dr. Tharp is an outsider who will have to come to his own conclusions about our village and school board. If he is what I saw, he knows, he has his work ahead with the board of education that hired him. He will sink or swim depending on if he listens to them or finds out the will of the people.
The Rover August 08, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Just like the Brewers, our school district is not hitting on all cylinders. Parents need to be watchdogging our schools just like we need Brewer fans need to support our Brewers. I am watching for the pitching of our school district to crack up.
C Norris August 10, 2012 at 01:56 AM
When will the board of trustees tell us what the full contract will pay Dr. Tharp. Any under the table compensation or retirement clause? Will Greendale Patch check out what the whole process finding Dr. Tharp cost us taxpayers? What we are going to pay him? Will you use the Freedom of Information Act if our trustees won't disclose. If they wont teill what they are hiding. We know a local candidate that would have cost us less and we would have been better served. Why didn't this group of trustee's pick the local candidate?


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