Green Honored for Greendale Schools' Involvement in Medical, Health Program

Erin Green was honored for Greendale Schools’ Student and Family Assistance Program, which started last year.


Erin Green, Interim Superintendent and Director of Business for the , was honored with the 2012 Pinnacle of Achievement Award for an initiative that provides all students in the district and their families with medical and mental health support.

Greendale Schools’ r and provides free professional counseling services to all of the district’s 2,600 students and their family members. The services include counseling for behavior issues, substance abuse, family and divorce, financial problems, legal issues, child care, elder care, and mental health. In addition, an on-site student health clinic provides a nurse practitioner who can address individual student health issues at the primary care level.

In most districts, the number of families in economic distress is growing with the recession,” Green said in a release. “The challenge for families to find resources is growing. The idea of offering the SFAP/nurse practitioner programs to students occurred to me as a way to address the ‘whole child.’ If students have emotional or behavioral issues or are sick, they cannot learn. Finding ways to help student achievement underlies the whole idea for these programs.”

The Pinnacle Awards are sponsored by Virco Inc., America’s leading furniture and equipment manufacturer and supplier for the K–12 market. Virco’s industry-leading resource recovery and recycling program has been honored by local, state, and national organizations, including the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. 


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