Board Votes to Add 10 Minutes to Elementary School Days

The extension comes after it was noted that kids only had 20 minutes to eat.

Greendale Elementary schools will have an extra 10 minutes added to the day starting this fall.

The Greendale School Board approved extending the elementary school day by ten minutes, from 3:20 pm to 3:30 pm., so that students can have ample time to eat.

Staff said parents supported the extension, based on reactions at school registration and a positive response to the change from 88 percent of parents responding to a food service survey.

In other years, elementary students had less than 20 minutes to eat. The lines for food serving and dressing for the outdoors in colder weather were also a factor in the reduced eating time.

Adding the ten minutes will also help with after-school transportation; the buses usually don’t arrive at the schools until 3:30 p.m..


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