Greendale's Development Prowess Featured In Business Journal

How did the tiny village of Greendale keep economically viable amidst the back drop of a horrible economy? Village president John Hermes talks about how they repositioned the Village in a story by the Business Journal.

When the economy tanked, Greendale grew their retail area along 76th Street and Southridge Mall.

But how did this happen?

Village president John Hermes talked about Greendale's redevelopment effort in a story published in the Business Journal on Tuesday.

When Southridge Mall's owner, Mills Corp, declared bankruptcy they decided to take a pro-active approach to working with the new owners from the Simon Property Group. They wrote letters, came up with financial incentives and reinvisioned what the property could become, Hermes told the Business Journal.

According to the story:

Our challenge is always that we’re a built-out community with the exception of the availability of some limited parcels around the Southridge Mall and South 76th Street business corridor. We don’t have that availability, so our challenge is always to revitalize, renew and reposition. But that’s what we’re doing, and that’s what we’re excelling at.

So what's next for Greendale's downtown?

Hermes told the Business Journal that there weren't any major changes planned, but an ad hoc committee has formed to determine their next mission.

Sounds intriguing...


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