Village Considering a Number of Community Projects to Use Grant Funding

Handicap accessibility for the high school's pool, visually impaired library materials, additional LifeTrail Exercise Stations and accessible picnic tables are among the options under consideration by the Village Board.

The Village of Greendale will consider a number of projects to use $39,085 in grant money from Milwaukee County.

It’s estimated that the Community Development Block Grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development will give Greendale $29,383 for Village Facility Americans with Disabilities Act improvements and $9,702 for adult program services.

CDBG funds can only be used to serve low- to moderate-income people, entitlement groups such as people with disabilities and seniors, and are primarily limited to capital projects except for 15 percent that can be spent on public service projects.

In the past the Village has used CDBG funds to make ADA improvements to municipal facilities and handicap curb cuts on sidewalks, provided funding for the adult program coordinator in the Park and Recreation Department and other projects.

The Village will hold a public hearing on the proposals at the July 17 board meeting and make a decision on that day.

Pool ADA Accessibility Project - $30,000
The is requesting allocation of $30,000 of the 2013 CDGB funding to complete required pool ADA accessibility modifications. The project has an initial budget of $247,141, which includes permitting, architectural fees, and construction costs. The project will provide a new exterior accessible entrance to the pool and an ADA compliant pool access lift.

Golden Ager/Senior Social Club Program - $9,702
Another project that being considered is the necessary continued support and commitment to the Golden Ager/Senior Social Club Program. The annual $10,500 allocation helps provide funding for the program coordinators’ wages, benefits and supplies.

Visual Impaired Library Materials - $3,800 
The purchases large-type books and audio books (“books on tape”). The Village could seek approval from the county to again use $3,800 in CDBG funding to purchase these types of materials. The CDBG funds could help off-set a possible reduction in the Library’s 2013 Publications/Books budget.

Senior LifeTrail Exercise Stations - $25,000
In 2005 the Village installed nine LifeTrail Exercise Stations, five in  north of Schoolway and four at the . The stations are designed and targeted for older adults. This year it will consider adding another five stations at Dale Creek Parkway south of Schoolway to Clover or at some other locations. The cost per station with installation is about $5,000 per station.

Accessible Picnic Tables - $5,000
The Village could purchase handicap accessible picnic tables, but the county discourages smaller projects. The cost per picnic table is about $400-$500. It would be better to include picnic tables as part of a larger project.

ADA Accessibility Enhancements to Village Pedestrian Ways - $29,383
The Village could apply to rehabilitate some of the Village’s existing pedestrian ways into handicapped accessible pedestrian ways.

Village Facility ADA Improvements - $29,383
Another project would be to remodel various Village facilities to provide easier access to disabled persons. The Historical Society has asked to earmark these funds for the Hose Tower Project.

. The Greendale Historical Society has a capital campaing to raise funds to renovate the Hose Tower located in the Village Center. 


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