Village Board Races Heat Up With Contested Races

All four positions for the Caledonia Village Board will have two candidates on the April ballot. One of the positions will also have a primary election in February.

Four of the seven Caledonia village board seats are up for election this spring including the village president's position, and each has a contested race. The village trustee number three position will have a primary election on February 19. The top two vote getters from that race will then be on the spring election on April 2 along with the other positions.

Trustees serve two-year terms and are paid $6,600 per year. The village president is paid $13,000 per year and serves a two-year term. Candidates have until 5 p.m. today to file papers. We'll update the list if any additional candidates file.

Trustee No 1

*Kathy Burton (filed non-candidacy)

Ed Willing, 5754 Winstar Lane

David Prott, 2442 Rebecca Drive

Trustee No. 3

*Kevin Wanggaard, 3710 South Lane (re-filed)

Jim Tiderman, 4519 N. Green Bay Rd. 

Maureen Cramer, 3616 4 Mile Rd.

Trustee No. 5

*Jim Dobbs, 5314 Agatha Turn (re-filed)

Richard Frazier, 6023 Finch Lane


*Ronald Coutts, 609 Kentwood Dr. (re-filed)

Bob Bradley, 6022 Leeward Lane

* incumbents

Edward Willing January 06, 2013 at 07:15 PM
That's definitely a unique hypothetical. :) I can see some of the traffic and safety advantages, but whil I think there's too many unknown factors to take a position on the idea, it would seem at first glance that the negative effect on businesses in the area would outweigh advantages. Unless you mean just name-designation-wise, in which case it's merely symbolic, not physically altering the route. Perhaps you could expand on what you mean and the reasons you believe it's a good idea?
Caledonia Confused January 07, 2013 at 05:52 AM
I didn't ask for a comment at this time. Just something for you to ponder. Maybe Denise would like to pose that to all the candidates. It would cover the Land Use Plan, why Walmart is not proposing building on a major Highway, the decision by the WIDOT not to go ahead with the Highway 32 expansion at this time, things that the Village board can or can't do, and what ramifications this would have on the Village.
Edward Willing January 07, 2013 at 03:02 PM
Oh ok, well then, I trust you'll vote for me on April 2nd, so I can then continue the consideration from here, and discuss the issue with you as an elected member! :)
Hermes Trismegustus February 08, 2013 at 12:05 PM
I live outside Crestview, and I have been reading this thread. I have not been up to date on what's been going on, but whoever this Edward guy is, he is sure sounds very condescending. I agree with the post that said he sounded like a politician before he was even elected. Whoever wrote that is pretty correct. Also, it is odd that he sounds so angry in his posts, and why is he so argumentative with people asking him questions. It seems to me that he should have a little more class.
Edward Willing March 26, 2013 at 02:49 PM
I was falsely accused and I answered. :) if that's angry to you, how do you classify your own? Yeah, I'm sharp tongued and get to the point. Hopefully that gets me some votes. It is odd that you're attacking me when I've attacked no one here. Just pointing out the truth and explaining my positions to one who clearly have no idea where I stand. Guilty as charged.


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