6 Candidates Meet Signature Requirement for Gov. Walker Recall Election

The leading Democratic candidates all have more than enough signatures to get their names on the ballot for the May 8 primary. "Protest" candidate Gladys Huber and Independent Hariprasad Trivedi also made the cut.

Note: Final signature tallies for each candidate are listed below as part of the last update from April 10.

Update, 10:15 pm: The GAB continues to verify that potential recall candidates have enough signatures to put their names on the ballot. As of 10:02 pm, the GAB had the following updates for the gubernatorial election. Some candidates do not have any signatures registered, but Magney pointed to a disclaimer on the GAB website:

"A listing of '0' signatures should not be construed as the candidate having filed insufficient signatures," the website states.

  • Arthur Louis Kohl-Riggs (R) - 2,182
  • Michael Mangan (R) - 303
  • Tom Barrett (D) - 3,455
  • Kathleen Falk (D) - 3,654
  • Gladys Huber (D)* - 3,659
  • Doug La Follette (D) - 3,520
  • Kathleen Vinehout (D) - 2,875
  • Hariprasad Trivedi (I) - 2,274
  • Nathan Graewin (L) - 0

Update, 9:45 pm: Some names have been removed from the lists of potential candidates because as of 7:36 pm, the GAB's candidate document shows these individuals did not return their nomination papers:

  • Patrick O'Brien (R) - Governor
  • Thomas Elbert (D) - Governor
  • Mick Wynhoff (D) - Governor
  • Keith Dickinson (I) - Governor
  • Dustin Johnson (Revolution) - Governor
  • Andrew Mielke (D) - State Senate (Wanggaard)

Original Story: Fourteen challengers filed candidate papers on Tuesday to challenge Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin's first gubernatorial recall election.

Nominees have to turn in 2,000 valid signatures to get their name on the ballot. The Government Accountability Board will verify those signatures and confirm the candidate list throughout the evening.

Of the gubernatorial hopefuls who indicated they would file nomination packets, three are Republicans, seven are Democrats, two are Independents, one is a Libertarian and one identifies himself as part of the Revolution party.

Names of those who returned their materials by the 5 pm April 10 deadline include:

  • Arthur Louis Kohl-Riggs (R)
  • Michael Mangan (R)
  • Tom Barrett (D)
  • Kathleen Falk (D)
  • Gladys Huber (D)*
  • Doug La Follette (D)
  • Kathleen Vinehout (D)
  • Hariprasad Trivedi (I)
  • Nathan Graewin (L)

"These are preliminary lists," said Reid Magney, communications director for the GAB. "The signature totals will be updated throughout the night."

There are "protest" candidates in each recall race, including Gladys Huber running as a Democrat in the gubernatorial race. Magney said the GAB has not received any complaints about this current group of candidates, but challenges can come from anyone. "Protest" candidates are indicated with an asterick in each list.

"Unlike the recall petition signatures, which can only be challenged by the one targeted, nomination signatures can be challenged by anyone," he said. "The only thing I can say about the complaint we received regarding protest candidates from last summer is that we have it. Beyond that, I can't really comment."

According to Wispolitics.com, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk was the first Democratic candidate to submit papers with 4,000 signatures, twice the minimum required and also the maximum accepted by the state.

Barrett's wife, Kris, and former Lt. Gov. Barb Lawton, endorsed the Milwaukee mayor in the governor’s race and were present when he turned in his signatures.

Those whose candidate papers are confirmed will square off in a primary May 8. The winners will face Walker in a recall election set for June 5.

Patch will continue to update this story as information becomes available.

In the race against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, five candidates, all Democrats, have put their names into consideration:

  • Bruce Berman
  • Mahlon Mitchell
  • Dale Paul
  • Ira Robins
  • *

State Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) has two challengers, each of them as Democrats:

  • John Lehman
  • Tamra Varebrook*

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald also has three challengers, two Democrats and one Libertarian:

  • Lori Compas (D)
  • Gary Ellerman (D)*
  • Terry Virgil (L)

Terry Moulton in Senate District 23 has two challengers, both of whom are Democrats:

  • Kristen Dexter (D)
  • James Engel (D)*

Rounding out the list are two Democratic challengers and a Republican for Sen. Pam Galloway:

  • Jerry Petrowski (R)
  • Jim Buckley (D)*
  • Donna Seidel (D)
Elizabeth Hennigan April 14, 2012 at 06:35 AM
Nope. The "same dude" will not be the governor after the current governor is recalled. What happens after this recall, is that we will have a new governor. That is why we are spending all this money and working so hard to even HAVE a recall election. In fact, the recall election process will be a cake walk compared to what we Wisconsinites had to do in order for this to happen. Also, after working together so hard, why would we Wisconsinites choose to hold a recall election for the present governor, have this same current governor still be the governor? That's just silly.
Elizabeth Hennigan April 15, 2012 at 05:50 AM
BREAKING NEWS: The Emporer & Wisconsin's Governor Have No Clothes Part One Michael - Do you mean like those unkept-promised jobs made by our soon-recalled-governor - who in Spring 2011 appeared in national media to give himself credit for both the sudden state surge of new jobs & for our state ranking 1st in the nation for creating the most new jobs all achieved by deceptively including substantially padded new job numbers with hundreds of thousands of short-term, part-time, minimum wage,HS-Student, seasonal temp jobs lasting from one to ninety days like Summer Festivals;Fairs;Historic Recreation Amusement Arts State National Entertainment Facilities Parks Zoos Museums & Centers;Tourism; Weddings Funerals Balls Banquets Parties;Corp Conventions/Employee Parties; Water Sports;Boating;Outdoor Pools;Brewers Stadium;Ice Cream Trucks;Popcorn Vendors;Carnivals;Resorts;Summer Jobs & Lemonade Stands? LOOLzzzzz ! (to be continued)
Elizabeth Hennigan April 15, 2012 at 06:01 AM
(continued from post found below) Part Two We left off after the following. {... jobs like Summer Festivals;Fairs;Historic Recreation Amusement Arts State National Entertainment Facilities Parks Zoos Museums & Centers;Tourism; Weddings Funerals Balls Banquets Parties;Corp Conventions/Employee Parties; Water Sports;Boating;Outdoor Pools;Brewers Stadium;Ice Cream Trucks;Popcorn Vendors;Carnivals;Resorts;Summer Jobs & Lemonade Stands? LOOLzzzzz ! } now to continue Jobs like those listed above are those for which +none are new and +hire every summer & have for decades and +are not real jobs and +do not provide decent, living wages and +do not provide enough to easily purchase good quality food, shelter, clothing & and +items found in expense categories of published, pre-fabbed, family budget forms and +I wonder if we are the only state who included those kind of job in our numbers. After being recalled, perhaps he'll move to another state--like the great State of Mind he & Wisconsinites once enjoyed before he became governor. I hope he soon gets the health care he needs to feel better by finding any kind of state but the state he's in now. Maybe he's has so much stress that his personality is changing right before our eyes -- for over a year now, he's even begun to cause much harm to self & others. Hopefully he can heal from this ordeal after his recall. I will continue to pray for him & his family.
Elizabeth Hennigan April 15, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Hi! I hope this comment reaches a moderator or editor soon. I have emailed the writers of this article & now I shall post this comment. Please note: On the thumbnail advertising this article on the homepage, I have erroneously been credited for having written this article. It happened after I posted my last comment here in this article's comment box. I trust you will correct this error right away and check to make sure it does not appear elsewhere. Thank you so much. I so appreciate Shorewood Patch. I'm a great fan! Sincerely, Elizabeth M. Hennigan
Keith Schmitz April 15, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Insist all you want. You are wrong. Walker will have an overwhelming amount of money, from people who care less about your future. We're going to run against that money and make an issue of it. Of course we'll hear about the Soros nonsense. But think about this. There would be no George Soros if there was no Koch brothers.


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