Planning Commission Will Review New Gateway Arch Designs

New arch designs will be reviewed Wednesday after the commission and shop owners expressed their disfavor for a rectangular arch.

The Planning Commission will review new proposed designs for a .

The arch will be placed on Northway and Grange Avenue next to the newly built LED sign and is meant to welcome visitors to the Village Center.

In May, commissioners, including some shop owners, thought the rectangular shape of four of the proposed designs seemed too industrial and did not portray the “charm” of the Village.

Staff received further direction from the commission in June and has developed a rounder design.

The arch is part of an ongoing effort to bring visitors to the boutiques, shops and restaurants that comprise the Village Center.

Grandhaven LLC, owners of part of Downtown, have agreed to pay half the cost.

have said the . Instead the LED sign was reviewed by the Public Works Committee and constructed last week.

The Planning Commission will review the new designs tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.

joan July 12, 2012 at 02:57 AM
I couldn't agree more. It's an embarrassment to the people who regard this community to be one of a kind. Maybe the businesses in the village should pay for their own advertisements instead of having the community pay for things they don't want. What is happening to our community.
P.J. July 14, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Next maybe what they should do is hire a few clown with flags and they could be pointing and telling people where to go. Come on greendale.. start to listen to the people. I wonder if they even read the comments we leave here, or do they think they are just doing a great job themselves. Ya right.. wake up and turn the village back into a village. You are never going to make it a great tourist area, southridge is too close. So people will come into the village for a great meal at the 3 resturants, do a little shopping at the cute shops, but put some stores back in like we had years ago. Make it for the village people not just tourists. We are the people, for the people. So many villagers i talk to would rather shop in the village than going to walmart or picknsave. Granted it will never be like it was, but lets do somethings for the villagers too. After all we live here and want to keep the village area going. Like where Sentry used to be, why do we need a dental lab there.. ya cant go shopping there, and the other places there. The cookie shop is great, but thats the only draw there is the cookies.. feel sorry for them being stuck over there.. good thing for internet so she gets more sales. So lets starts doing things for the people of greendale and gear it more towards the younger & middle age group. Greendale is going thru a change of people now, lets get it together people !!
Bren July 14, 2012 at 07:26 PM
The most recent Greendale Original newsletter offered tips on storage and clutter--one statement that resonated was the food storage challenge. With a village full of Originals with food storage issues, a small Euro-style food market would now be perfect! Maybe it didn't work a number of years back when people were excited about the big-box stores, but I'm sure it would resonate now. A Nehring Sendiks like Groppi's in Bay View (or even a Balistreri annex) with a retro feel could do really well, especially if open in the evenings (at least until 7) and weekends. I promise to do as much of my shopping there as possible. The village was built to be self-sustaining. Small grocery/bakery/deli, and a garden store would do great! Put the flower/garden store where the resale shop is or the bank branch--did I see a for sale sign there?
Nicki July 14, 2012 at 10:14 PM
There are two Balistreri Sendik's stores within a few miles of each other, the other Balistreri (on Drexel next to Target) failed because they waited until the other branch of the family opened their stores. The Nehring people are not interested in opening one in this area. I don't believe that any major grocery store would be interested in opening one in the Village, either. Most large groceries want a larger area to build and are not interested in smaller scale stores. The Village was built to be self sustaining because it was in the middle of farmer's fields when it was built. We can't even support a hardware store in the Village; that's why Puhl's pulled out, and that other one that moved in for a short time was way out of tune with the needs of people living in Originals. It's a tough sell.
P.J. July 15, 2012 at 02:23 PM
See that is the problem we have in the village. Even the village people do not support what is down there which is really sad. Granted there are some that do, i know we are down there at least once a week at one or more places. But if you look at the picture even from long ago, we never had a problem in the village until southridge was built. Then it was the plaza with Kohls. And then Menards, etc. You get the idea. So then everyone was going to all the places around the outside of the village and forgot what they had in thier own wonderful little center. So one by one, the stores closed. If we would all just support what is right in front of our faces, we can keep the village going. Look at Ricardos & Ferchs... they keep on going because they offer stuff for all kinds of people. We have friends that drive 25 miles to go to Ferch's cause they love thier sandwiches. Look at all the places they pass on thier way to greendale... so that is what i am saying.. we have to get places down there to draw people in. I dont know about all of you, but i am so sick of all the big stores and malls, too many, not personal, the kids could care less if they help you or not. Now that the villagers are going thru changes, more younger ones moving in, alot of them saying they like the small village feel, and i think now that the novelty of the big stores has passed it course, we feel stores in the village would be a great welcome back. we just have to shop them.


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