Nikki Haley Joins Walker at Quad, says to “Reward His Courage”

The South Carolina governor hit the campaign trail with Gov. Scott Walker, landing on the factory floor at Quad/Graphics to implore workers to go out and vote.

Hundreds of Quad/Graphics Inc. workers flooded the factory floor Friday afternoon as Gov. Scott Walker and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley addressed employees, asking for their votes on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch kicked-off the “” at the factory, introducing Gov. Walker to an enormous round of applause. Just before taking the stage, the governor was handed a traditional dark blue Quad shirt that almost every employee at the factory wears.

“I’m here to ask for your vote on Tuesday,” Gov. Walker said. “This shirt – I’ll be proud to wear it on Wednesday morning after the election and still be Governor Scott Walker… Quad is helping Wisconsin move forward.”

Gov. Walker outlined his string of successful reforms in Wisconsin while summarizing Milwaukee’s latest figures on jobs and taxes, digging into opposing candidate Tom Barrett.

“What we’re seeing today is people really want to see courage, and Scott Walker shows courage..."

And the frenzy continued as the Wis. governor introduced Gov. Nikki Haley, considered by some as the next GOP political powerhouse. She applauded Scott Walker, saying the reason why she came to support him was because he displays courage for all governors.

“I know that the passion, the interest that the people of Wisconsin have is enough for them to get out and vote,” Gov. Haley said. “What we’re seeing today is people really want to see to see courage, and Scott Walker shows courage. But not only does he show courage, but he shows results.

"We’re not looking at deficits; we’re looking at surpluses. We’re not looking at high unemployment; we’re seeing the lowest unemployment rate since 2008. We’re looking at jobs. That’s something people are amazed by, and what we’ll see on Tuesday is people are going to reward courage and vote to keep Scott Walker in office.”

Gov. Haley asked Quad/Graphics works to head to the polls on Tuesday to “reward Scott Walker for the courage he’s shown.”

 out of Marquette University Law School put Tom Barrett seven points behind Gov. Scott Walker, 45 to 52 percent. 

Greg June 04, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Yes, let's get back to insulting our own neighbors.
Brash Brazen June 04, 2012 at 04:42 AM
More jobs lost in Wisconsin between March 2011 & March 2012 the most of any state under Scott Walker's guidance. The news today is that he's about to be indicted on Federal corruption charges,which explains why he's the only Governor who needs a legal defense fund. Too bad they don't handcuff him & drag him away with his jacket over his head the day before the recall election !!! I know too much to hope for,but it would sure make the Koch brothers brown their bermudas !!! Note: Unlike Walker supporters I don't need to be paid to spread lies,I dispense the truth free of charge. Like Harry Truman said - "I don't give them hell,I just tell the truth & they think it's hell." You'll all be whining like babies on Wednesday if your boy loses, & I can't wait to here Walker's concession speech where he blames everyone but himself for his colossal failure !!!
James R Hoffa June 04, 2012 at 05:09 AM
@Greg - You the man - you're starting to steal Bob McLiberal's thunder!
James R Hoffa June 04, 2012 at 05:12 AM
@Brash - Here's a little advice: lay off the Daily Kos, as it's really starting to rot your brain, and go back to watching the Jersey Shore - your intelligence will actually improve!
Tim June 04, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Brash Brazen lives in KALIFORNIA and won't be voting for Tom Barrett... Brash Brazen also has the IQ of a chimpanzee so take his opinion for what it's worth, not much.


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