Honadel Named Committee Chairman

Oak Creek's state representative will again lead the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities.

State Rep. Mark Honadel has again been named chairman of the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities.

Honadel has served on the committee since 2003, his first year in the Assembly, and was also chairman in the last Legislative session.

"Last session I served as the chair of the committee, which was instrumental in passing monumental reforms to modernize our state's telecommunications laws," Honadel said in a statement. "Streamlining our state regulations removed barriers that drove up costs and stood in the way of job-creating investments in new technologies.

"I look forward to continuing to take on the important issues of the committee by focusing on competition and job creation, as well as the overall needs and priorities of our state’s energy, utilities, and telecommunications services so that businesses and consumers can thrive in Wisconsin's economy."

Honadel was re-elected in November with 60 percent of the vote. His Assembly district encompasses Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and a small portion of Franklin.

Mike in OC December 05, 2012 at 04:37 AM
good... eliminate the psc... they are a waste of money
vocal local 1 December 05, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Eliminate the PSC? WHY? Just how does Mark think he is going to create jobs? I'm so tired of listening to all these politicians claim they are going to create jobs in an era where technology has decreased the needs of manpower, the population steadily grows, and imports are better and cheaper than American made. I just read 53 percent of the spring grads can't find jobs. This has been going on now for how many years? I'd say about twenty it's nothing new. We have X jobs and many times more the qualified labor force. When I hear Mark say his goal is to create jobs by cutting the work week I'll believe were headed in the right direction. He's going to promote business in Wisconsin? How? By giving them such huge tax breaks on the back of the taxpayer that we lose money? Mark better start paying attention to the real world. He's getting too fat and comfortable in his role as a politician. HE NEEDS TO GIVE US A PLAN NOT VAGUE STATEMENTS.
vocal local 1 December 05, 2012 at 10:29 PM
AND, Mark needs to forget about strip mining and changing environmental protection laws for Canadian Mining Companies. I wonder if the Canadian Mining Companies are the same ones that are creating a conflict of interest for Susan Rice's appointment to Hilary's position? Just read Rice had significant investments in Canadian Mining which is a conflict of interest to her appointment. Mark a Republican working on issues for the Democrats? I didn't realize the corruption reached the state level but I guess it's trickle down.


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