Walker Recall Effort More Than Halfway There, Organizers Say

United Wisconsin, the main recall group, says it has 300,000-plus signatures; GOP calls the effort a "baseless, partisan power-grab."

Just , the group behind the move to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker said Monday it has gathered more than 300,000 signatures — more than half the number needed to force a recall election.

Wisconsinites were signing the recall petition at the rate of 1,040 per hour, according to Wisconsin United, the main group behind the effort. In the first 96 hours of the recall effort, which began Nov. 15, more than 105,000 signatures were collected from all 72 counties in Wisconsin.

The group needs 540,208 valid signatures by Jan. 17 to force an election, and organizers say they hope to gather between 600,00 and 700,000 signatures.

County-by-county figures were not available, however, United Wisconsin said 10,033 residents signed petitions in Columbia County and 16,845 people living in Eau Claire and Chippewa counties signed petitions.

The state Republican Party on Monday evening said the Democrats released the numbers to keep the recall effort in the spotlight.

"The recall effort is a baseless, partisan power grab being pushed on Wisconsin families by liberal special interests," Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Ben Sparks said. "Despite the Democrats' attempts to generate false momentum in their never-ending effort to score political points, Wisconsin families are only interested in moving our state forward.

"We remain focused on Governor Walker's common-sense reforms that have laid the ground work for economic growth, and our economy only continues to improve,"he added in a statement.

Recall efforts sparked after protests starting in March against Walker's budget-repair bill, which eliminates most collective bargaining rights for many public unions.

Protests on both sides of the bill kept Madison streets and Wisconsin cities busy for weeks, slowing passage of the bill. The Republicans removed certain fiscal items and passed the bill, which was then signed by the governor and is now being challenged in court.

Throughout the recall effort there will be no limit placed on donations made to  Walker's campaign, and United Wisconsin blames extra cash for the recent and numerous TV and radio ads supporting Walker.

"Scott Walker has taken to the airwaves, supported by millions in corporate cash, to defend his record of job loss and full-scale assault on Wisconsin’s institutions and values,” United Wisconsin Executive Director Meagan Mahaffey said in a statement Monday. “But all over Wisconsin, the people are seeing through Walker’s deceptions and are moving to take our state back."

MDS December 03, 2011 at 06:06 PM
Robert and Bob, We will still get the needed signatures, so don’t worry about that. All I am suggesting is some reasonable accommodation to the new retail environment is made so that petitioners aren’t endangered, for example collecting signatures on busy street corners. Governments have long been able to use eminent domain to create a roadway, or enact laws requiring for example space be set aside for handicap shoppers. A similar space could be set aside for public access. I know you don’t want this for the Walker recall, but someday it may be a group you support that could use this. That you would suggest that petitioners go door to door (and that has been done) seems strange in conjunction with your concern for private property. You don’t want to be bothered at the mall, but it is OK for me to come to your front door? Especially with the Republican’s new “castle doctrine” I don’t really think that is a good alternative any more either.
Bob McBride December 03, 2011 at 07:04 PM
MDS, were you concerned about being able to collect signatures at malls prior to this silly recall effort? Did you speak out in favor of changing those laws so that those who canvased to get politicians on the ballot were able to have that same access? Did you take action to attempt to get those laws changed? As far as going door to door, I'm glad you guys have decided not to do so. After dealing with the numbskulls who came around during the attempt to oust Darling, the last thing I need is some argumentative idiot who doesn't understand the word "no" interrupting my dinner hour. And if it's because you're afraid of getting shot if you do so, all that does is confirm how irrational this whole effort and those who are involved in it really are.
mau December 03, 2011 at 10:51 PM
Mayor Barret can add a lane, next to the bicycle lane on the Hoan Bridge, for all you Anti-Walker people to protest and collect signatures.
Robert W Farkas December 03, 2011 at 11:58 PM
MDS, Unfortunately you do not get it. You appear to be one of those individuals who assumes others share you method of thinking. It may be an indication of your limitations of education, limited global travel or open mindedness when interacting with others. You may very well be the type of person who is not listening to others, rather waiting to talk. May I suggest you read Massys (sp) book, The People Puzzle and also the collection The Glory and the Dream. Then come back and share your thoughts. The use of eminent domain for your purpose is so outlandish and incorrectly applied that it is sad that the thought entered your mind much less you articulated it. You obviously do not understand the castle doctrine or you would not talk so foolishly as have other here who share your perversion of the facts. The low hanging fruit has been picked and now your work will begin. I believe in the end you and your ilk will fail in your goal to displace the legally elected Governor. I collected signatures door to door for a nomination for judge for a friend of mine. I did it that way so I could answer questions and explain his position to prospective signers. That is the best way for all involved. You feel you are in danger of what when on the street? Are you afraid of traffic? You have no Right to force your way into the Mall or onto store property for political purposes and only the extreme left wing nut jobs would want it made a law that you could do so. This is it. Enough.
Nick Poulos December 04, 2011 at 05:55 PM
@JB: I owe you still a response concerning your comments regarding socialism from several days ago. Plutocratic Oligarchy does not include the union members, democrats, or any of those in need. I believe that there is a complete social myopathy that keeps even the best of people from realizing that we all have an ethical responsibility to one another. Your Republican members - especially the Tea Party members - are so disconnected from the rest of mankind's struggle, at least based upon many of the inane comments made. Re-thinking our situation against the light of History may not convince you to re-open your mind, but we can always hope that none of us become closed minded, as so many up here in space are (altho' most of them hide behind names clearly not their own). best. ngp


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