Gov. Walker: Encouraging Educator Effectiveness

Wisconsin governor delivers weekly radio address.

Every Thursday, Gov. Scott Walker delivers a weekly radio address. This Thursday's address was titled Encouraging Educator Effectiveness.

The state has partnered with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association to produce and distribute brief radio address once a week.  Audio files and a written transcript of this radio address can be accessed on http://www.wi-broadcasters.org and http://walker.wi.gov/section.asp?linkid=1761&locid=177.  To download an mp3 file you can visit http://walker.wi.gov/section.asp?linkid=1761&locid=177, right click the radio address link and click “save link as.”

Here is the transcript from this Thursday’s radio address:

As a parent with two sons in public schools, I want them to receive the very best education possible.  As governor, I want this same thing for all of Wisconsin’s children.  Ensuring that our kids receive a great education means making sure that our teachers receive the professional support they need and that parents and educators know how well our students are achieving.

That’s why we joined with the State Superintendent, school boards, school administrators, and the teachers unions to develop a better system to evaluate teachers.  It’s the kind of constructive collaboration that doesn’t always make it to the front page of your local paper but it is important work that I am proud to support.

Teachers will be evaluated equally on their professional practice and the growth of their students from year to year.  Including educator practice will encourage more constructive feedback from peers and supervisors so teachers know where they stand and how they can improve.  When measuring student outcomes, the system will use multiple measures including student growth.

We will move beyond traditional merit pay models that simply hand out bonuses for good standardized test scores.  Instead, it has the potential to better serve students by rewarding teachers who continually demonstrate excellence on a number of fair measures while working to support struggling teachers.  I believe teachers who continually excel should be given an opportunity to earn more pay while moving up a teacher career ladder that allows for peer mentoring and other leadership roles without having to leave the classroom entirely.

The new system will be piloted in a small number of districts next school year with full implementation in the years to follow.

I’m pleased that the system we helped develop earned the praise of both the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin. Mary Bell, the president of WEAC, said that the educator evaluation system will improve teaching and student learning. It was also praised by School District Administrators and the School Boards Association.

I’m looking forward to seeing this new system implemented in the years ahead as we continue to improve education in Wisconsin.

Hudson Resident December 11, 2011 at 03:52 PM
@Geow68, I have saved my OWN money for retirement and not asked you for a penny. I have also had a $5000 deductible insurance policy for many years. You and the rest of the government union thugs are just angry because you just now have to start contributing. Incredible.....
Randy1949 December 11, 2011 at 07:19 PM
@Hudson Resident -- Where did you OWN money come from? Presumably from a salary that left you enough to put away for later, or from goods or services you provided to a customer if you're self-employed. You asked either an employer or a customer for that money in return for your efforts, and that's only reasonable. Why should public servants be any different?
Robert W Farkas December 11, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Geow68, OK you don't know so I'll have to tell you. In the beginning of my 34 years with the MPD I contributed 7% as did the city. As the pension fund became overly funded, read those words and say them aloud so you remember that facts, the city wanted to reduce their contribution to a point where the city only made contributions when the funds growth fell below a set point. That did not happen very often. There were years the city contributed Zero. There is still over 3.8 Billion in the fund and it is well over the bean counter standard for solvency. See you do not know the facts. Of course now while enjoying my retirement from the CITY, I do not contribute anything. Have someone explain that to you. There is no comparison between the City pension fund and the State pension fund. If the state employees had handle their fund like the City of Milwaukee members did theirs, none of this would be an issue. I also paid a portion of my health insurance which is only right. Further, I was forced to pay union dues to a union that was interested in politics and defending slugs who screwed up or did not do their job. You seem to be more interested in this silly personal attack on me than on knowing the facts. That does reflect poorly on you. Still lack the courage or intestinal fortitude to identify yourself. Sad. You are dismissed until you muster up some courage or grow a pair Sally and ID yourself.
Geow68 December 12, 2011 at 01:02 PM
Hudson, good for you. You must have meant your comments for Farkas. He is the "Government union thug" in this conversation. He is the one that is sucking off the government teat and then ripping on other public servants. Farkas, If you paid anything, which I doubt, you still didn't actually pay for anything. It was all tax payer money paid to you. Whether some of that money went for insurance or went for pension. You didn't actually pay anything. You also cannot possibly be a tax payer. Because it was all tax payer money you used to pay your "taxes" then it was really the public paying your taxes and your salary and your pension and your health care for you. Again....it is the typical I got mine...screw the rest.
Geow68 December 12, 2011 at 01:09 PM
And as for the union dues Farkas, we taxpayers paid that for you too so stop whining about it. As for personally attacking you... I am just pointing our your hypocrisy.


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