Downtown Greendale's Next Big Thing: The Panther Pub

The Village continues to grow while retaining its inner Bedford Falls.

As every clock owner knows, the times they are a changin’.

It certainly holds true here in the Garden Community. We move into our 75th year in full stride, boasting of archways and signage and streetscaping and a totally reimagined Mall. 

Our Village Leaders have done all this without a loss of innocence, without transforming our core essence.  We remain way more Bedford Falls than Pottersville.  I am fairly certain Mr. Gower is a manager at our Walgreens.

The last time Greendale went through so much change was in 1938 – the big move from ‘cow pasture’ to ‘Village’. Historians refer to 1938 as “the year Greendale started making Greenfield look bad” – although some cows feel they – the cows - were doing this long before 1938. 

If you are wondering what change looks like, take an evening stroll down Broad Street.  You will see something that only a year ago was thought to be impossible.  You will see people.  Lots of people. 

Like you, the first few times I saw this, I called 911.  The Greendale Police patiently explained that everything is okay, that we now have something called a “night life”.  Cool.

Gone are the days that we closed up shop at 5:00. It has become a distant memory – how we used to shut off the lights, roll up the sidewalks and tossed out a couple rolling tumbleweeds to complete the ‘Empty’ look. 

You Newton fans know how a body in motion tends to stay motion.  The same holds true in business, in that business begets more business.  The synergy of many businesses creates a “Destination” - a highly coveted thing, indeed.

“Late Night” (defined in Greendale as any time after the airing of Jeopardy) pioneers Ferch’s and Ricardo’s having been fighting the good fight forever.  Newcomer Joey Gerard’s put us over the tipping point.  The good news is that their success paves the way for more success. 

Enter The Panther Pub

With the help (“help” meaning she did all the work) of ITB chief researcher, Vicki Jensen, Inside the Bubble has uncovered what you are dying to know about the next big thing for Downtown Greendale, The Panther Pub.

Panther Pub Owner:  Mike Drilling.  Mike is Greendale lifer, so he has a nice variety of green t-shirts.  Mike knows his baseball, loves sports, automobiles and long walks on the beach.  I may have made up that last part.

Panther Pub Location: The former Associated Bank Building in downtown Greendale, which bears a striking resemblance to the Bailey Building & Loan.  (Yes, I am trying to hang on to the ‘Wonderful Life’ I opened the column with… There is something to be said for continuity, right?)

Panther Pub Construction Schedule:  Mike Drilling has purchased the former bank building and is sweeping out all the tens and twenties left behind by the previous owners.  (We really do need tighter controls on the banking industry.)  Full construction, with guys wearing tool belts and such, is slated to begin April 1st – no fooling.

Panther Pub Target Opening Date: July 4, 2013. 

Dipping in the ITB mailbag, lets answer some your questions about The Panther Pub.

“Will there be live panthers at The Panther Pub?” – No, due to insurance reasons, and some odor issues, there will not be live panthers at The Panther Pub.  There will, however, be a Greendale Panther motif. 

“Will there be beer?” – This is Wisconsin, buddy.  That said, the ambiance will be such that you can bring the family, enjoy a sandwich while catching Ryan Braun’s walk-off home run on the flat screen.

“Will there be tellers?”  - No, the Associated Bank people have completely moved out.  The tellers will be replaced by fun bartenders and friendly wait staff.  The front end will be the bar area – and side and back will be the restaurant area. Bonus: In the back of the building will be a seasonal beer garden with wrought iron fencing and plantings.  Take that, Munich. 

“Can I bring 91 of my closest friends with me to The Panther Pub? -   Yes.  The restaurant will seat approximately 92 people.  Also, I am jealous of your popularity.

See you Independence Day at Greendale’s next big reason to get out of the house after Jeopardy - The Panther Pub.

L G February 07, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Local craft brewer and perhaps local vodka and other spirits. There is quite the guild of spirit and brew makers in and around Milwaukee. I hope that their efforts are offered here. It is a great way to foster these upstart businesses and makers.
Vince February 08, 2013 at 12:18 PM
Being nostalgic, I prefer an ice cold PBR, unless of course, I can find those great Pointers "Blue Bullets"!
FL Born February 08, 2013 at 02:47 PM
If Mr. Drilling is taking Beer request then I would like Michelob Ultra!! Thanks
Mike February 11, 2013 at 01:45 PM
I think it is a great idea for the Village. Not sure if Ricardos, JG's and Ferch's can survive another place yet it is capitalism at work. Did the Greendale Public Schools agree to the use of the district symbol and branding? Never heard of a high school theme brew pub.
Brody March 25, 2013 at 04:20 AM
I can't wait for this spot to open.


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