Database: How Much Did Your Neighbors Give to Obama, Romney?

Greendale voters gave more money to President Barack Obama than presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

While polls show President Barack Obama may have more support from Wisconsin voters than candidate Mitt Romney, the studies also show the gap getting slightly closer.

A Marquette University poll shows Obama leading Romney, 53 percent to 42 percent, different than the 54 percent to 40 percent lead Obama held in mid-September. 

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Campaign contribtions in Greendale follow suit with what the polls are saying. The current president has garnered $4,025 in contributions from residents through Aug. 31, while Romney received $2,150.

Obama had 65 different contributions in Greendale, while Romney only had eight contributions. Obama's largest contribution was $1,113 from the same person in multiple contributions. Romney's largest contribution is $1,000.

Use this interactive database to learn more about which presidential candidates are getting money from Wisconsin residents. This database includes more than 25,000 individual contributions Wisconsin residents made to the two candidates through August.

The data, which is from the Federal Elections Commission, does not include contributions to political action committees or other outside groups.

MacyFray October 06, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Why is this relevant? Who cares who gives to one organization or another. Some people will use this information for the wrong purpose. Another big brother spy tool to look into private lives. Can you say socialist or communist tactics? You should be embarrassed that you thought this was newsworthy. The Patch is such a left leaning organization that I probably won't be following anymore. I like it for the local news but the political aspect to most of your stories is in bad taste and poor journalism. Journalist are supposed to be impartial.


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