Board Takes Another Step in Making Learning Center a Reality

The Village Board approved its part of $50,000 for the creation of the $150,000 community learning center.

The has joined the in approving funding for a proposed Community Learning Center.

The Greendale Village Board approved $50,000 towards the $150,000 creation of the CLC in collaboration with the library board and the .

The library board approved its part of the funding of $50,000 on June 12. Now it’s left to the school district to also approve its part of $50,000.

Shared services between the , the school district and the library will bring operating costs down, while providing the opportunity for new programming and expanded hours.

As part of it’s approval the village board also agreed to lend $90,000 to the library to go towards the purchase of a RFID Security System to be paid back over seven years. 

To provide access to the CLC via a new Parking Street entrance an RFID Security System will be installed along with a self-checkout system. The system will include two security gates required by the additional entrance and exit planned from the Parking Street entrance. It also includes remodeling costs for the current front desk of the library to incorporate the three self-check out units planned.

According to the CLC study report, libraries that have implemented RFID and self-checkout systems have seen usage up to 80 percent total circulation. Self-checkout will allow staff to improve services by having more time to work with customers. The report also states that in the future there will be a reduction in the number of part time clerk hours saving enough money to pay for the RFID system in less than 10 years.

Catherine July 07, 2012 at 03:53 PM
"The library board approved its part of the funding of $50,000 on July 11." How is this possible when today is July 7? Again, please proofread your postings. Anyway, this is an exciting prospect for the village!


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