An LED Sign Will Direct Traffic to the Village Center

A more simple sign will be placed by Southridge Mall Entrance.

How many people have you met that don’t know that Greendale has a Downtown?

Well, the plans to install signage that will make Downtown a lot more visible to outsiders.

An LED sign will be installed on the corner of Loomis Road and Grange Avenue and will replace the old “Village of Greendale, The Garden Community” sign.

A less elusive sign will be installed on Grange Avenue and Northway across the street from .

The purpose of these signs is to promote the Village Center businesses and community events. Both signs will cost about $65,000 each.

Village Manager Todd presented an early concept of the signs to the Committee of the Whole and to Village Center business owners on Wednesday. Owners had positive remarks about the preliminary concepts of the signs.

Michaels said that the use of the LED sign will be similar to the banners placed on the overpass on Loomis Road. The Village would control the content on the LED sign.

The Village has been working with Grandhaven, the owners of the Broad Street area, to complement the new sign with their theme.

Concerns were brought up as to the level of brightness but Michaels said the Village is also able to control the levels.

in collaboration with Grandhaven and Robert Popp, owner of the .

The repavement would be done sometime next Spring or Summer.

The Committee of the Whole will have another meeting in regards to the signage and the matter will eventually go to the Village Board for approval.

Bren September 14, 2011 at 11:57 PM
$65,000 per sign? That's equivalent to good pay and benefits for two full-time workers. And the additional costs maintenance and electrical usage aren't mentioned here. In these economic times, is this really the best use of Village funds?
FL Born September 19, 2011 at 04:03 PM
I agree with Bren. I also urge Greendale Residents to attend the Village Meetings and voice their opinions and concerns. After all, it's OUR money they are spending. They work for us and we need to make sure they are accountable for the decisions they make.


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