Parents Approve of Homecoming Move Due to Threat

Saturday's Homecoming Dance went off without a hitch and parents are happy with the way the Greendale School District handled the situation after a written message threatened something would happen at the high school on the day of the Homecoming da

Greendale parents applaud the school district’s efforts in handling a vague threatening message found written in a boys bathroom last week, that indicated something would happen at the high school on Saturday, the day of the Homecoming dance.

Even though Saturday's Homecoming dance was moved from Greendale High School to the middle school, parents say the dance went great and are happy with the measures taken by the administration.

“I think it all went very well,” said Michelle Price. “Thanks to all who handled this situation. The feedback I received from a senior it was actually one of the better ones.”

Greendale High School Principal Steve Lodes informed Greendale families that the dance location would be moved as a precautionary measure on Thursday night through a recorded message.

All homecoming activities went as planned, with exception of the dance location change and cancellation of the Friday night parade due to rain.

This was also not the first time this year a threat was made on school grounds. In March, three teenage girls made a bomb threat as a prank; they were later arrested. 

“I again applaud the administration on how this was handled,” Kathy Stephenson said. “Having been through this last spring and now, it's reassuring to know that my children’s safety is first and foremost in their minds. Hopefully the person who thought making a threat wouldn't come with severe consequences with finds that it does.”

Greendale Police say the investigation in finding those responsible is ongoing and there is no new information to report as of Monday afternoon.

Parents say that the threat did not ruin the spirit of the festivities.

“My daughter had a lot of fun!” Mary Kay Swittle said. “However, I think the Freshman group as a whole was looking forward to the dance being at GHS. It is a shame that one person’s stupidity ruins it for all!”

Stephenson felt badly for the seniors whose last dance was not at the high school.

"The freshmen have more opportunities to have homecoming dances at the high school....it's the seniors I felt bad for," Stephenson said. "Their last homecoming dance held at the middle school all because someone felt it was ok to make a threat. Being held at the middle school was better than not being held at all."

Lode’s recorded message on Thursday night resonated the same sentiments.

"I'm continually impressed by the collective response of our students and families as your positive attitudes and trust allows the administration to focus on bringing situations like this to a hopeful resolution that allows Greendale High School to be a place where we take every precaution that does not allow this type of behavior to detract from our school experiences."


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