Major Water Leak at Greendale Village Water Plant

Some Greenfield homes experienced flooding in the backyards and front lawns.

The Greendale Village Water Plant had a major water leak that caused some Greenfield homes behind the plant to experience some flooding in their backyards and lawns.

Chief Tim Saidler said that the valves have been shut off but the water system in the Village has not been compromised. The cause is still under investigation.

The Village was pumping water out of the plant’s basement, located on 5270 South 60th Street, so that workers can get in and conduct an investigation, hence the spraying of water.

Water ran to some Greenfield homes behind the plant that are on lower land. Staff continued to try to prevent any further water from running to the houses.

It's not know yet if any of the homes experienced major damage. Greenfield Fire Department was on hand to assist with clean up.

Make sure to watch the video interview with Saidler.


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