Greendale Lieutenant Recognized as the Glue of the Department

During National Police Week, Chief Robert Malasuk recognized Lieutenant Jeff Zainer for his 27 year commitment to the Greendale community.

In recognition of National Police Week we are recognizing a Greendale Lieutenant who is considered to be the "glue of the department."

Chief Robert Malasuk recognized Lt. Jeff Zainer as an example of a law enforcement professional dedicated to protecting citizens, their families and our community.

Zainer has been with the department for 27 years. He is married to a Waukesha County Sheriff’s Deputy with whom he has two children. He has a bachelor’s degree through the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and is a graduate of the Northwestern University Supervisor of Police Personnel. His specialized training record is too extensive to list here.

Before joining the in August of 1985 Zainer was an emergency medical technician trained in basic firefighting techniques and the operation of firefighting apparatus and equipment.

He then joined the Greendale Police Department as a patrolman where he was a member of Greendale’s first Emergency Response Team, the precursor to today’s SWAT Team.

As an active patrol officer he was well known throughout the community because of his out-going, friendly personality.

He was a patrolman from 1985 until February of 1992 when he was promoted to Police Sergeant. During his time as a Sergeant, he worked on all three shifts and supervised both officers and dispatchers. He frequently supervised complex investigations. Some of his many job responsibilities were:

  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Media Relations – Public Information Officer
  • Background Investigations
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs
  • Property Room
  • Vehicle Crash Reconstructionist

Prepared & Administered Highway Safety Grants, raising thousands of dollars for the Department

Safety Committee Coordinator who coordinated and completed the Village Disaster Plan

As a Sergeant, Zainer was very highly thought of, both inside and outside the Department. His reputation as a supervisor and leader is so respected that frequently other agencies have him participate in promotional interview boards.

, where he currently oversees all patrol operations. He is still responsible for emergency management, property, community relations and administrative services.

With his extensive knowledge and training, Zainer could easily have been promoted many times prior but instead of seeking glory, he chose to devote his expertise to bettering the department and providing high quality service to the Village, said Malasuk.

Chief Malasuk says, “As a young officer I looked up to Jeff and I conducted myself the way I felt he would.  I have always respected his abilities as a police officer and supervisor. When I made Chief, I knew my administration would not be complete without his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Jeff is eligible to retire in 2 years but we hope we can convince him to stay longer."


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