Greendale Homecoming Dance Location Moved

Due to a message in a boys bathroom that threatens something will happen at the school on Saturday, the homecoming dance has been moved to the middle school.

The Greendale High School homecoming dance has been moved to Greendale Middle School in response to a message discovered in a boys restroom that made reference to a vague threat at the high school on Saturday.

The homecoming football game and bonfire are going on as planned on Friday night with increased security. 

Greendale High School will be locked down on Saturday, according to FOX6 News.

While the pep assembly was held as scheduled on Friday, the lunch period and hallways at the high school were restricted. 

"Today your children and our staff did an amazing job in focusing on both the school and also the fun associated with homecoming," said Greendale High School Principal Steve Lodes in a recorded message to families.

Lodes did a walk-through of the middle school Friday and determined it was an appropriate and safe venue. The dance will run from 8 to 11 p.m. A message will be sent to Greendale families with information about the dance no later than 10 a.m. Saturday.

The investigation into the threat is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the person responsible for writing this message are asked to contact Lodes immediately at (414) 423-0110, Ext. 4302. An anonymous tip line is available by calling (866) 373-6227.

In his message, which was provided to Patch by FOX6, Lodes said:

"I'm continually impressed by the collective response of our students and families as your positive attitudes and trust allows the administration to focus on bringing situations like this to a hopeful resolution that allows Greendale High School to be a place where we take every precaution that does not allow this type of behavior to detract from our school experiences."

This is not the first time this year a threat was made on school grounds. In March, a bomb threat was made as a prank by a few teenage girls who were later arrested.

Shawn Henderson September 22, 2012 at 01:10 AM
I am saddened by the action of a student. I am impressed by Mr. Lodes and his good work in our schools. We are lucky he is here and working so hard. Our school system is being led by elected board members who really aren't cutting it anymore. He understands what Greendale Public Schools was and can be. I have to wonder why he wasn't made the district CEO
Greendale Citizen September 22, 2012 at 01:50 PM
What does the school board have to do with this situation? They have absolutely nothing to do with the threats made to the school and how they are handled. Mr. Lodes and his administration team have done an outstanding job at keeping students and staff safe during these situations. I, for one am happy that he is still the principal and not yet the superintendent. (By the way, our district does not operate with a Chief Executive Officer. We have a school board and a superintendent.)
pooksilby September 23, 2012 at 12:00 AM
How do you know it was a student? There are bomb threats at a lot of venues. When I worked with Milwaukee County we had many of them. This has nothing to do with the school system and everything to do with the perpetrator's mental health.
Mary Harmeny September 23, 2012 at 01:31 AM
The school board is elected by the residents to manage the school district. They are paid employees and are responsible for how the administration handle this kind of situation. Informed people know that this is a complete waste of time and energy - for the district people and police. Mr. Lodes should have been given an interview. He is the right man for the job and those who want him to stay at the high school will be those who will wonder why he leaves for a better job working for a board that appreciates what he can do. I also would like to know why Bill Hughes left. He is already making a big difference in Milwaukee Schools. Maybe he thought he had enough of the board that overlooked Lodes.


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