Greendale Fire Department Rents Out Santa Suits

The department rents out Santa suits and uses the fund for things around the firehouse and charity.


Need a Santa suit? The Greendale Fire Department can hook you up.

The department has been renting out Santa suits since before 1990, according to their rental records. 

The Santa suit rental goes for $25 plus $10 refunded deposit upon return. The 24-hour rental includes hat, coat, pants, boot covers, belt, bells, gloves, and wig and beard.

The money raised is used for things around the firehouse and charitable donations.

Unfortunately, the rental have not been doing so great the past couple years. Firefigher Jim Hintz hopes this year will be different. 

The department has five suits available for rental; one of them was hand-made by a firefighter's mother-in-law.

In past years the department has been able to raise as much as $400 for a season. 

If you need a suit, or think you need a suit call the Greendale Fire Department at (414) 423-2131.



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