Fire Department Drops Safety House Program; Will Sell Trailer

Fire chief says there's no interest in Fire Safety House and not enough staff to run the education program.

The Greendale Finance Committee approved the sale of a trailer that was meant to be used as a Fire Safety House, but never really got off the ground due to the lack of staff and interest.

In 2004, the received a federal grant for the purchase of the Fire Safety House. The cost was $57,537 with the village covering 10 percent of the purchase price.

The trailer originally was designed to instruct adults and children in fire safety and weather-related emergencies.

Fire Chief Tim Saidler said the trailer is not being used because of the lack of funding and personnel to staff it.

Saidler said he’s not sure how much the trailer might sell for. Proceeds of the sale would be deposited into the Fire Department's equipment reserve fund. 

The village is able to do this because the five-year use of the grant has expired.

Saidler said the department has tried to do some programming with the Greendale School District, but the schools’ schedules are usually too busy to schedule the programming. The department has also tried using the trailer village events, but there was no public interest.

The Greendale Village Board will make the final decision at its July 5 meeting.


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