Drunk Driver Hits Teen Head On; Police, Parents Say Think Before You Drink

A head-on collision, and an increase in arrests over the past two weeks litter the police blog this week, prompting a plea from police to think twice before mixing alcohol or drugs with driving.

A 34 year old Muskego woman was arrested for drunken driving after striking another vehicle on Woods Road and Sandy Beach Drive on Nov. 6 and injuring the other driver, according to Muskego Police.

The victim was a 19-year-old woman, and an email sent to police from her parents have prompted police to again stress the importance of thinking twice before deciding to drive after you've been drinking.

"We had a number of incidents involving alcohol and driving in the last three weeks," said Lt. Dave Constantineau in his weekly newsletter. "Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Regretfully, many people still do not seem to get the message that drinking (or drugging) and driving can have tragic consequences."

Constantineau said the woman would survive being struck but was told by the parent, "it is going to take her months to recover both physically and emotionally."

"When you choose to drink and drive, you are not just affecting your own future, but the future of every other person on the road, not to mention the future of everyone who cares about you. So, think before you get behind the wheel, a lot of people are counting on you," said Constantineau.

The incident is one of many OWIs since October 20:

Saturday, Oct. 20 – A car in the ditch near Loomis Drive and Loomis Road resulted in the arrest of a 55 year old Milwaukee man for his second drunk driving offense.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 – An officer stopping to check on a disabled vehicle on Racine Ave near Tans Drive ended up arresting the driver, a 21 year old Milwaukee woman, for operating under the influence of drugs. The 19 year old Milwaukee woman with her was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 – A 19 year old Lannon man and a 20 year old Pewaukee woman were cited for underage drinking at the Moorland Skate Park. In addition, a 20 year old Pewaukee woman received an alcohol referral.

Thursday, Oct. 25 – A traffic stop on Denoon Road and Crowbar Drive resulted in a 19 year old Waterford man being cited for underage drinking.

Friday, Oct. 26 – A 21 year old Wind Lake man was arrested for drunk driving on Racine Avenue near Red Oak Court.

Saturday, Oct. 27 – A 56 year old Greenfield woman was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 36 at Highway 45.

Brian Hofmeister November 12, 2012 at 08:38 PM
This woman is a friend of mine. It makes me very sad to see the effects of out-of-control behavior.


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