Board Approves 'Acting Sergeant' for Police Department

The acting sergeant will cover unfilled supervisory shifts, saving the department more than $10,000.

The Greendale Village Board approved use of an acting police sergeant to fill vacancies through the end of the year after Police Chief Robert Malasuk presented his plan to save over $10,000.

At full supervisory staffing, the Greendale Police Department has one captain, two lieutenants and four sergeants, spread out over three shifts.

Without the acting sergeant, Malasuk said the department would have just the right number of supervisors to cover regularly-scheduled off days. Anything more than that—like when a supervisor takes vacation, sick days or has training—would result in overtime for whoever filled in.

They used this staffing model when a sergeant took extended family leave. An acting sergeant was put in place for 90 days. The acting sergeant filled 79 days of supervisory coverage saving the Village $3,590.

“That position was extremely successful, saving the Village thousands of dollars in overtime costs,” Malasuk said. “It further benefits the department by offering the acting sergeant an opportunity to receive ‘on the job’ training, while relieving the other supervisors of having to work 12 or more hour shifts. A tired, worn out supervisor can be a liability to himself, his fellow officers, and to the Village.”

Another sergeant is taking family leave and Malasuk would like to extend the position of acting sergeant.

In 2009, the police department found itself in a similar situation and former Chief Robert Dams proposed the position of acting sergeant for 90 days, and then it was extended.

The acting sergeant position used from April 15-Oct. 31, 2009 saved the Village $14,708.69.

The department has 17 known shift vacancies and 110 unscheduled vacation days.

An acting sergeant works for $33.30 per hour, while a sergeant or lieutenant makes  $49.95 to $58.53 per hour at time-and-a-half for overtime. Using an acting sergeant would result in savings of about $10,200.


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