Vote for Unopposed!

It is time to focus on 2012’s other Big Game: The Elections.

How quickly did dreams of Packer Super Bowl XLVI glory evaporate?  They fell in one Giant thud, right? Like me, you are asking, “Now what?”

I know the answer, but you might not like it: It is time to get back to real life.  And in 2012, real life is dominated by political elections.  Please do not shoot the messenger.

Sure, it is a bit of let-down.  Watching Donald Driver’s gleeful “I got us a first down” move will always surpass any gesture Rick Santorum can conjure.  Politics, above all, are a reminder of this axiom: Life is not always about fun. Life is also about stump speeches and statutes.

While a staple on the cable news, these elections may have snuck up on you, the ultimate Packer Fan.  It is understandable. 

You have been busy consuming Miller Lite and Doritos, while simultaneously donning the jerseys of Clay, BJ and Aaron.  You have been busy liquidating, freeing up assets to buy $275 pieces of paper that stretch the definition of the word “stock”. 

Your full attention has been devoted to the gridiron, to the action on the field. But I am here to tell you, plenty has been happening in the Political Arena.  Yes, G Force, the 2012 Election Season is well on its way, and you are a little behind. 

Fret not – ITB is here to get you completely caught up… in 500 words or less.

National: Rather than take full advantage of the Door of Opportunity left wide open by the Democrats, the Republicans instead have opted to reveal their love of Judy Collins.  Although “Send in the Clowns” was a big 1975 hit for Collins, it is an odd choice of platform for the GOP in 2012. 

While you were watching the Green and Gold go 15 – 1, the Republicans brought forth a stable of Presidential hopefuls that was both curious and laughable. I hate to be a Conspiracy-Monger, but follow the money.  Who is benefiting from this odd group of candidates? Comedy Central, Letterman and Leno have to be behind this. Darn you, Steve Colbert!

The Republicans are down to their Final Four. Mitt, Newt, Rick and Ron.  John, Paul George and Ringo may have had more appeal, despite things like ‘not living’ and being British.  What does this all mean?  Barack may have said it best: “Michelle, cancel the movers.”

State: On January 3, 2011 Scott Walker became Wisconsin’s 45th Governor.  He was elected, fair and square, took an oath and quickly pretty much did all the things he told us he was going to do during his campaign. That kind of honesty has no place in politics.

So after an extended sleep-over in the Capitol Rotunda (somewhat rhymes with ‘frozen tundra’) the Recall Walker Movement garnered 1.9 million signatures.

Do not let the number go without a pause. Wisconsin only has 5.6 million people… a lot of them still in diapers.  1.9 million signatures? That nearly matches the 2.15 million who voted in the election that put Walker in office.  You may recall (pun intended) that the final score then was Walker 1.125 million, Barrett 1 million.

Here is what this all comes down to:  http://mirrors.5nines.com/stream/

This link gives you an inside view of the exciting world of Government Accountability. Signatures are being reviewed, analyzed and checked for authenticity. Drying Paint is relieved it is no longer the number one simile for “boring activity.”

Bottom line:  The Recall Walker movement will be successful and there will be another election. Wisconsin can be proud, as it is a showcase for Democracy in Action.  However, it is not action without a cost.  We all knew we have regularly scheduled elections for this sort of thing, right? 

Local:  In 2012, four important Village of Greendale positions are up for grabs: Municipal Judge, Village President and two Village Trustees spots.

ITB is going out on a limb and – months before the polls actually open - is projecting Mark Kapocious, John Hermes, Al Sikorski,  and Sally Chadwick as winners in the April 3rd General Election. 

, we Greendalians offered Kapocious (Judge), Hermes (President) Sikorski (Trustee) and Chadwick (Trustee) as much opposition as Paris offered Germany in WWII. 

I get the feeling all four of these fine civil servants would have enjoyed some competition.  That Sally Chadwick, for one, is always ready to apply some eye black and drop the gloves. 

However, this election was over before it started.  The most popular word on the ballot will be “Unopposed” as we rolled over quicker than a dog with an itchy tummy.  Is it apathy? 


Greendale is in Wisconsin – the Home of Least Apathetic Voters in the USA.  The lack of competition here in the Garden Community is just our way of saying this to the incumbents:

Job well done.  Keep it up.  And, thank you.


There you have it, Packer fans… You are now completely informed, completely caught up.  And Summer Camp opens in 6 months!

kayannellis January 26, 2012 at 06:45 PM
As always Mike, you make my ThursDAY! Keep up the great work. Heard (through the grape wine~vine, that you had a really nice time in Houston. Julie summed it up as "relaxing!" Something I'm not good at. May the G-Force be with you. Oh...wait 'til next year, because the Pack will be,ummm,~back! Kay


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