RYAN WATCH: Voting Against Environmental Protections

A liberal's recap of Rep. Paul Ryan's recent voting record in Congress.

Here is the latest on what Republicans, including Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, have been up to in Congress. Week 3 was "Dirty Air Week" with major attacks on the EPA and environmental safety. 

Ryanwatch - September 2010 - Week 3

Total votes: 30
Party Line Votes: 22
Non Party Line: 8


* Votes for the TRAIN Act, which guts the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce the Clean Air Act. It will block and indefinitely delay two EPA rules that reduce pollution from power plants: the Mercury and Air Toxics Rule and the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

(RC 741, Sep 23; Passed 249-169 (Rep 230-4) - RYAN YES)

* Votes against McCollum motion to Recommit, which would protect Great Lakes drinking water from toxic substances

(RC 740, Sep 23; Failed 188-233 (Rep 0-232) - RYAN NO)

* Voted for Latta Amendment to TRAIN, which would weaken air quality standards

(Latta Amendment, RC 738, Sep 23; Passed 227-192 (Rep 223-11) - RYAN YES)

* Voted for Whitfield Amendment to eliminate requirements that power plants install modern pollution controls

(Whitfield Amendment, RC 737, Sep 23; Passed 234-188 (Rep 221-15)- RYAN YES)

* Voted against several PRO-Environment Amendments (Sep 23)

- Connolly Amendment, RC 735, Failed 186-232; RYAN NO

- Hastings Amendment, RC 734, Failed 165-254 (Rep 0-236); RYAN NO

- Capps Amendment, RC 731, Failed 195-221; RYAN NO

- McNerney Amendment, RC 729, Failed 184-229; RYAN NO



(RC 719, Sep 21; RC 727, Sep 23; HR 2608)


* Votes to violate the Rules of the House (Once Again) to clean up a political mess created by House Republicans

(Waiver vote, H Res 409; RC 721 and RC 722, Sep 22; RYAN YES)


Procedural Party Line

RC 726, Sep 22: H Res 412 - HR 2608 - Passed 238-176 (Rep 237-0) - RYAN YES - PL
RC 725, Sep 22: H Res 412 - HR 2608 - Passed 235-177 (Rep 234-0) - RYAN YES - PL
RC 724, Sep 22: H Res 406 - HR 2401 - Passed 245-175 (Rep 236-0) - RYAN YES - PL
RC 723, Sep 22: H Res 406 - HR 2401 - Passed 237-184 (Rep 236-0) - RYAN YES - PL
RC 716, Sep 21: H Res 405 - HR 2608 - Passed 238-185 (rep 237-0) - RYAN YES - PL 
RC 715, Sep 21: H Res 405 - HR 2608 - Passed 237-188 (Rep 237-0) - RYAN YES - PL


Editor's Note: John Heckenlively ran against Rep. Paul Ryan for Congress in 2010.

James R Hoffa October 03, 2011 at 01:31 AM
Also, don’t you find it funny how those on the left will criticize Ryan for actually voting, the job we elected him to do in the first place, while completely ignoring the fact that Gwen Moore misses more key votes than any other member of Congress – and apparently for no justifiable reason to boot? Ah, but I guess when you’re a self-declared liberal, not doing your job but still getting paid for not doing it is completely acceptable and par the course – constituents be damned! Silly me, I should have know better. But is this really “what democracy looks like?”
CR Carroll October 03, 2011 at 01:48 AM
Leaving comments is a waste of time. Everybody these days is entrenched in whatever political camp they have attached themselves to and fairly convinced that everything they say is the most important thing that can be said, and of course they are utterly convinced that they are right (and have all the facts to back that up). No one can be swayed by reason or humor. Here is what applies to the commentors: "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts," and "My party my party, right or wrong, my party." So, leaving comments is a waste of time. Sorry, that's all the time I have to waste....
M.S. October 03, 2011 at 11:20 AM
Please provide the link substantiating your 20% claim. It sounds too outlandish to be true.
M.S. October 03, 2011 at 11:24 AM
Just because one is a liberal doesn't mean that one supports every liberal politicians actions. I would hope that the same can be said of the other side of the aisle. But I read too much talk radio conjecture, and mean spirited, non-intellectual tone to believe that of all...
BassGreat October 18, 2011 at 03:46 PM
We can all live artificially; well can't we? Look at former VP Cheney


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