Patch Spring Tour: Meeting With a New Columnist

Michael Vickery joins the Greendale Patch team as a regular.

On Wednesday I stopped into and met with Michael Vickery, Greendale Patch’s newest columnist.

I read some of Michael’s columns back from when he wrote for the Village Life and they were hilarious. I was sitting in that new Mexican restaurant next to Southridge reading the columns and laughing to myself. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy.

I enjoyed how Michael intertwined local current events with his humor. Michael's personality seemed to have a glow as soon as I shook his hand, making him a perfect columnist.

Make sure to watch out for his debut onto Patch with his Thursday column.

Here is a preview written by Michael himself:


Inside the Bubble will be a weekly column appeearing in Greendale Patch on Thursdays, starting on April 14.

Not unlike the mythical Phoenix, Inside the Bubble rises out of the ashes to soar –this time digitally – once more.

The original ‘Bubble’ appeared in the Greendale Village Life, making its debut in July, 1999 and ran in an appropriately irregular pattern until January 2008. The original ITB was insanely popular, often drawing more ‘Grange corridor ‘readers on a weekly basis than the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights – combined.

 It also was a litter box favorite.

Going forward, Inside the Bubble proudly takes its place in the Greendale Patch – Greendale’s electronic daily newspaper. It will be a regular in the Thursday edition.

As it did in its original run, Inside the Bubble will cover life inside the dome we affectionately call “home”. It will give Greendalers a chance to share a community laugh - and more importantly, the chance to laugh at Greenfield. (Among other goals, ITB will strive to make “Greendale – Making Greenfield Look Bad Since 1938” our official village slogan.)

ITB topics? Our schools, our musicals, our Twi-Night Baseball, our deer population, our total lack of ‘right-hand turn only’ lanes – you can see nothing is off limits. Inside the Bubble will be as it was – a unique look at our unique community.

jan giesige April 12, 2011 at 06:01 PM
We have missed ITB. Welcome back, Dusty.
Steve April 13, 2011 at 12:24 AM
Welcome back Mike! ITB was the best part of the old Village Life. I look forward to reading about "the hidden gems" of Greendale life...and how lucky we all are not to be living in Greenfield or Franklin!
Sunny April 13, 2011 at 02:01 PM
Sounds interesting
Mike Vickery April 13, 2011 at 11:54 PM
Absolutely! Very interesting... especially when compared to watching paint dry. ITB is back!


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