Greendale Grandma Gives Village Summary

This week the Village Grandma is thinking about the Greendale Public Library, turning “originals” into condos and the proposed Village “gateway” signs.

Hello again Greendalers,

Let’s just get right into what's going on in the Village.

I’ve got BIG football news! . So congrats once again!

The will hold a The book is called “Extremely Loud & Extremely Close” and is about a 9 year old boy who lost his father on 9/11.

The library is also starting a All you LEGO fans be sure and sign up at the library.

News of the LEGO program brought back a few painful memories for me. I'm sure anyone who bought these blocks for their kiddies remember the agony caused by stepping on a random block while taking that necessary trip to the loo in the middle of the night.

I must tell you though that stepping on a Lego is small potatoes compared to treading on a peach pit that Gump (the behemoth feline) dredged up from the garbage this past week. My eyes are still watering.

For all those interested in the should know that the school board will hold their meeting on Monday, September 19 with their annual report. The fun starts at 7 p.m. at the Auditorium.

Here’s a tip: Keep a lookout in your mailbox. I hear the Village Newsletter is coming soon. I find it is always great bathroom reading material.

I don't know much about this one, but our Village Trustees will be voting “yea” or “nay” on a proposed condominium conversion on Dale Lane on Tuesday. I suggest all interested parties should make an appearance at the meeting.

For a paltry $65,000 The first is at the corner of Loomis Road and Grange Avenue. The second sign —that will not be LED — will be placed at Northway and Grange Avenue near the up and coming Macy's.

Once again I can report that the Village will be paving the parking lots in the Village center. I really thought that this had already happened a while ago but apparently I'm not very observant.

I think I've said before that volunteering is a worthwhile use of idle time right? I myself volunteer at a local hospital. My chores are mostly paperwork oriented.

Because I am a bit technologically challenged my jobs are lower tech. Last week, I was assigned to the paper cutter. Sadly, when I was momentarily distracted I managed to snip off a small piece of a fingertip. Well, I think there was an overreaction on the part of the staff and I question the need to involve OSHA, but some folks are more excitable than others.

Perhaps if it had been MY fingertip that I chopped off it would have been less traumatic. Anyhow, now I am banned from the paper cutter AND the automatic pencil sharpener. Nevertheless, I still think one should volunteer at something.

Speaking of which, I will be registering folks who will be participating in the Greendale Walk/Run, which will be held on October 16th. So bring your family and friends and stay for the picnic lunch.

Well I must run. I need to put on my uniform and get warmed up for our family's annual Bocce Ball tournament/birthday celebration.

Until next week.


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