I’m Sorry – So Sorry

My post-election grieving phase – because sometimes my name is more of an adjective than a noun...

I am sorry. To all those I encouraged, sorry I misled you into thinking your efforts would not go unrewarded. And that you could change the course the nation is headed on.

I’m sorry that America spoke loud and clear when they chose welfare over freedom. I’m sorry voter ID was struck down in an effort to sanction voter fraud.

I’m sorry the poor gents in Benghazi had a socialist dictator as their lifeline. May God rest their souls.

I am sorry our children are saddled with an inconceivable debt and sorry that they may never know the America our founding fathers intended. I am sorry our brave men and women of the United States military are nothing more than pawns to our president.

I am sorry we re-elected a community organizer whose first political meeting was held in the living room of the scariest American terrorist of modern times. I am sorry he was re-elected because of voter fraud, entitlements and the color of his skin.

I am sorry that, according to the general under-informed public, celebrity appeal and good public speaking are priority requisites for our commander in chief. I am sorry the Constitution is a worthless document to the leader of the free world.

I am sorry that all of the fears of four more years are now becoming our reality. I am sorry the sound of slamming doors is small businesses across the country closing shop.

I am very sorry that the fate of the ill is at the mercy of Obama’s death panel. I am sorry that the unqualified panel doesn’t hold a medical degree, but rather, are driven by greed and corporate red tape.

I am sorry we won’t be able to afford to drive our cars because of high fuel prices. I am sorry our president doesn’t want us to be self-reliant like we are certainly capable of. I am sorry he is also building a society of citizens that are not self-reliant either. I am sorry the good guy doesn’t always win in the end.

I am sorry that as I pound the keyboard, the anger swells in my gut….

I am sorry my anger is turning into resentment.

And I am sorry to those on the left because that resentment is metastasizing into motivation. And I’m sorry that the motivation is merging with loyalty. Democrats, I am sorry that you think the freedom fighters have been successfully silenced and squandered. I am sorry that you’re foolish enough to think this hushed the silent majority. I am sorry that you’ll soon learn the days of our silence are days gone by.

I am sorry you’ll discover that we’re far from defeated. I am sorry that you’ll learn the sour taste of war at the hands of the patriots ready to die for their country. I am sorry that we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to defend our rights and preserve our freedoms that our founding father envisioned.

I am sorry you haven’t yet seen the conservative beast unleashed. I am real sorry that you’re about to. I am sorry we will not give up until we are dead and gone. And sorry that, even then, we’ll stand with a God we openly praise, and fight from above.

I am sorry we will not give up the right to defend ourselves, our faith, our family and our freedom, with our lives if necessary. Or that we believe in individual freedoms.

I am sorry that I refuse to be treated like a man. Or that I believe life shouldn’t be seen as a fair game where everyone gets a first-place trophy. I am sorry that as a single mom without child support, I refuse to collect entitlements at the hand of the top 1 percent.

I am sorry that I think women’s liberation movement and feminism screwed it up for freedom-loving females everywhere. I am sorry that I have a problem with my tax dollars going to kill your babies and pay for your whoring. I am sorry that I think government has no place in our home, or that I don’t think the children of undocumented illegals should have the same rights as my American-born daughter. I am sorry that the only issue I am in in agreement with you on this is embryonic stem cell research. I am sorry that you have to murder the unborn – and sorry that I feel we should find triumph in the tragedy by using the pieces to try and save the lives of the terminally ill. I am sorry that I am in agreement with you on just one issue.

I am sorry that a group of people large enough to reelect the scariest president in the nation’s history really exists. I am sorry that there are that many ignorant people in the United States of America. I am sorry that a man that may, or may not, be American-born is the commander in chief of what used to be the free world.

I am sorry the movie 2016 is going to be our autobiography. I am sorry a man named Barrack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America. I am terribly sorry he stood at the Tomb of the Unknown on a day meant to honor our fallen heroes without his hand on his heart or so much as a salute.

I am sorry I am angry. What I am not sorry for is the fearless, freedom-fighting friends I have made along the way. Or for the lessons I have learned. I am not sorry that I refuse to be silenced, or that I promise you, on my soul, that the fight has just begun. I am not sorry that we will use the next four horrifying years to get stronger and become a force undefeatable.

I am not apologetic that we are fierce, strong, determined and smart. Or that we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and walk through the gates of hell defending our freedoms with our life if necessary.

I am sorry you won, but I am not sorry you’re about to learn what it’s like to piss off freedom-loving patriots.


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Joe Peterlin November 11, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Nothing comes up for the nom de guerre, Muskego Mom either. Hmm.
James R Hoffa November 11, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Hmm... Hoffa seems to recall that Lyle keeps 'a file' on Mr. Willing! Anyone else remember that?
Randy1949 November 11, 2012 at 01:06 AM
"I did work for AFP. I wasn't fired." That puts an interesting light on your 'grassroots' post of last February.
James R Hoffa November 11, 2012 at 01:06 AM
WOW - Interesting 'conversation' taking place here!
Jim Price November 11, 2012 at 01:07 AM
Due the continuing personal attacks being made by some commenting on this blog post, we have decided to no longer allow comments


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