How Much Does Easy Accessibility to Firearms Assure Disasters Like the Aurora, CO Shooting?

In light of the recent shooting at Aurora, I looked to a specific solution. The control of ammunition my be the ultimate answer.

Let me start off saying that I was raised around firearms and did actively use them for hunting while I was a youngster. I was taught gun safety and the true purpose of a firearm. A firearm is designed to kill, not to wound, maim or to backup a threat of violence, but to kill. Knowing this I learned to respect firearms and the lethal potential they posed. Over the course of the years of my youth and my military experience, I became quite proficient in their use. However, since leaving the military I have abandoned owning firearms since I have no desire to hunt. But, doing so, I have no problem in the responsible ownership and use by others. The problem really is with the numbers of firearms and their easy accessibility, including ammunition.

In a Gallup Poll published late last year, private gun ownership is up and the self reported number is 47 percent of the total population. This is the highest level since 1991. Estimates put the number of firearms at some 280 million, including all types. We are the most heavily armed nation in the world and of the 8 million new firearms manufactured each year; Americans purchase 4.8 million of them each year. Of all the homicides each year, 75 percent of them are from handguns.

Recent incidences of high profile shootings; Aurora, CO, Gabby Giffords, and Virginia Tech, bring to the forefront the real problems that firearms pose, in particular handguns. The question is what is the best course of action in light of the accessibility of firearms and ammunition.

Even if we banned handguns tomorrow, it would take centuries to get them all off the streets and out of private ownership. My best solution would be not to ban the firearms, per se; but to regulate the manufacture and purchase of handgun ammunition, including private hand loading of handgun ammunition.

We know something has to be done and to comply with the 2nd Amendment; controlling ammunition would not be a violation and those who wish to own and bear firearms, their rights would not be abridged.

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William Eib April 26, 2013 at 07:36 PM
The 2nd Amendment argument is a canard. No amendment is sacrosanct. The 1st Amendment did not stop Congress from passing an anti Child Porn bill, which if I used the logic behind the 2nd Amendment argument, Congress stepped on the 1st Amendment. The 1st amendment is not very clear about what is specifically covered by free speech. No more specific than the 2nd Amendment is specific about which guns are covered, and hi capacity clips and semi auto rifles. "abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press," what does this mean? It is open to interpretation, if not, then no Anti Child Porn Law. No out cry at that action We agreed Child porn presented a danger to society and we easily passed a law banning Child Porn. Unfortunately for the Child Porn Industry, but good for society, the porn industry did not have a big enough lobby, with enough money to defend the 1st Amendment. The 2nd amendment defense is a weak. What happened to the NRA's hunter- sportsman argument. The NRA was all about the 2nd Amendment and law abiding citizens. I for one do not trust law abiding citizens with guns. Every mass murderer is described as a nice, law abiding citizen by friends, family and teachers.
William Eib April 26, 2013 at 09:04 PM
You may love your constitution, but don't understand it. No Amendment is sacrosanct. Where were you when Congress stomped on the 1st Amendment. They passed an anti Child Porn Law. I don't for a second condone Child Porn, I am just making a point of the Congress outlawing something so clearly protected by the 1st Amendment. We as citizens decided it worth ridding us of Child Porn. A clear violation of the 1st Amendment. Background checks for gun purchases, no effing way, the 2nd Amendment is not specifically clear re:, Background checks, semi auto rifles, extended clips, and cop killing ammo. Yet is proclaimed to be. Having a gun is no guarantee of safety. Another law abiding gun owner bent on killing people will step up. People will die whether the they have guns or not. I,e.; Fort Hood, and every cop who died on duty. The gun is an adolescent male adult's toy. A necessity for the paranoid para- military Mountain dwellers. The increasing size in the population of people of color, a Negro POTUS, women's rights, public education, fluoride in our water, and a host of other conspiracy theories which encourage paranoia in others.. These are dangerous people, with self fulfilling prophecies. It never works out for the paranoid. They're ill. We live with this ticking time bomb. Boston Bombers were Domestic Terrorists. Whatever their motive it makes them no less Domestic Terrorists, with their brand of paranoia.
William Eib April 27, 2013 at 12:05 AM
You position was lost at "if" there are no "ifs." The subjunctive mode; would've, should've, could've, were and If is basically meaningless. If a frog had wings it could fly. I don;t know that for a fact, but it's one of the best examples of the uselessness of "if" statements. "If" the gunman hadn't had access to weapons of death. Why do you start with a gun fight? If President Cheney had listened to Richard Clark, they may have stopped the airplane hijackers before they boarded the planes. That was a very doable "if." The evidence was there. Condoleezza Rice dismissed the study and intelligence memos. Aurora: Most people trained to handle a gun, generally are no trained under fire. My niece, who served 2 tours in IRAQ, has a purple heart. She ,told me there is nothing that prepares you for taking fire. Particularly when people are dying around you. She was shot by a sniper. Not much defense vs a sniper before he kills someone and everyone who gets shot in combat is well armed. That is my argument for gun lusters who espouse the "what if Tyranny paranoia scenario." Once the incoming firing begins, the Militia, Preppers and Survivalists will surrender.. This whole gun thing is the most juvenile thing the people of America have had to deal with in the History of this country. Guns, really. That is the core of our society, armed citizens above all else. We need jobs not guns.
William Eib April 27, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Lott's study trash. "The Truth about Guns" blog calls it undulating lies, Lott's premise was guns are good, so he was obligated to support that position, therefore the undulating lies. Most street weapons come from "nominee purchases" at gun shows, or theft. A law abiding citizen goes to a gun show and buys as many guns as possible, these guns end up back in the neighborhood being sold at a big profit. Honest commerce, except their customers are criminals. Filed down serial numbers increases the street value. Most guns taken by law enforcement in NYC come from out of state, some have been traced back to gun show purchases. Maryland is Paradise to "nominee purchases." . Without background checks this conduit for guns will be come much bigger. Private sales will exceed gun shows in time. There is MONEY in the re-selling of guns. LOTS OF MONEY. The Militias hoping to overthrow the Government; any one of our enemies would be happy to provide weapons to these traitors and seditionists. The USA does it all the time. Weapons sales are bigger than illegal drug sales.. I am assuming you have never been close to armed criminals. Well have, I live in a large east coast city, my profession opened a lot of strange doors, doors where I have had guns pointed at my face. Not fun. If I had a gun, there was no possibility for me to have pulled it out without dying before I could reach it, cock it and fire it. Me dead!
Daniel S. April 27, 2013 at 05:54 AM
How and why is this article get back into discussion mode, it's from last July? The Horse has already been beaten to death many times. Let it rest.


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