Gardening: Part II

July is the last call for gardeners who want to get seeds in the ground.

You may have thought that the time has passed to get some seeds into the soil. But you would be incorrect in that assumption. You still have time to plant some seeds, with a little extra care at planting. Beets, Bush Beans, Radishes, Carrots, Swiss Chard, Kale, Cucumbers, Kohlrabi and Corn can still be planted from seeds now thru the end of this month.

The extra care required is so very easy. Trench your rows for ease in seeding and moisten the seeds after you have placed them in the soil. Then instead of covering them with the soil you trenched, cover them instead with a moisture controlled potting soil mix to lightly cover your seeds. Then just water the mix lightly. This will assist your seeds in better germination. And you will still impress your family with fresh produce from your little plot of soil.

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mau July 12, 2012 at 09:07 PM
I have not had a lot of luck with my seed this year. I never plant before mid-June since my garden froze at the beginning of June a few years ago. Of the Burpee seed I got from Menards this year only the pickles and cantaloupe grew. And then only a few of the seed. I reseeded a couple weeks ago and none of that seed germinated. I didn't do any better with the seed I bought from Jung. Only about half of my corn germinated and 1 type of bush cucumbers. Nothing is growing good even with watering 2-3 times per week. My beans and some of my potatoes are just turning yellow and shriveling, even with watering. I think it is just too hot. Until this year, my gardens have been much more productive since I started planting mid-June. Typically I am getting produce into October. I have printed your article so I try soaking the seeds next year. We make our own compost and I wonder if this would be suitable instead of potting soil. But once the plants pop through do you cover the ground around them with dirt?
Kathy Bondar July 13, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Mau, That's great that you are making your own compost. i have noticed sometimes that my compost when directly applied to the plants seems to adversely affect the plants, not sure why. So now I mix the compost with garden soil before adding it directly onto the seeds or plants, just to be safe. We are having a horrible growing season this year with the drought. Even with watering the temperatures are too high during the day for many plants to keep their flowers for pollination. i have high hopes for August and the relieve from this drought. In the article, I stated that after soaking the seeds, i cover them with potting soil that has moisture control in it. So the soil is flush with the rest of the surrounding ground. There would be not further need to add any soil around the plants after they pop thru the ground. Happy Gardening.


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