Paul Ryan's Favorite Bumper Stickers

"Ayn Rand is my co-pilot" and other all too true bumper stickers that represent Paul Ryan's twisted world view.

The following bumper stickers can be found on the back of Paul Ryan's car:

"Jesus loves me, but these Catholic nuns and bishops sure think I'm greedy!"

"Ayn Rand is my co-pilot"

"I'll keep my homophobia, my misogynistic views and my 13% tax rate, you can keep the change."

"I believe in the biblical definition of marriage, but I ignore the parts about feeding the hungry and clothing the poor."

"I don't believe the liberal media, but I'll buy whatever trash Rush Limbaugh spews out of his big fat (mouth)."

"My other car was built by union auto workers whose jobs and livelihoods were saved with Obama's auto industry bailout."

"Somewhere in southeastern WI there is a village missing its misogynist idiot."

"Believe in the American dream, but shelter your millions in the Caymans."

"My family made millions building this federal highway with a government contract."

"Romney/Ryan 2012 - It's a no-brainer, literally"

Thank you - I'll be here all week. And make sure to tip your waitresses well - Because they are taxed at a higher rate than Ryan and Romney . . . and they don't hide their savings in an offshore tax haven.

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Bren August 27, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Right, Steve the Job Creator. In your business, do you cut rates for customers, then branch out into new, unfunded initiatives? I'm guessing you and an accounting team could get the U.S. budget in order if it were only money and programs you had to deal with. I'm guessing you would stop the rate cuts since the expected results didn't occur and they are hurting your bottom line. You'd also do some temporary no-growth/trim plans in areas that could sustain such over 2-5 years. Etc. Problem as always is special interest groups that influence decisions that make no sense in a business or agency setting.
Bren August 27, 2012 at 09:14 PM
FBSport, I don't see any "hate" here, except perhaps from Nuitari and TosaGOP. And this is pure, unadulterated satire, a form of humor beloved by intellectuals throughout the ages. And I just have to take a moment to chuckle about that epithet "elite." Moderates and liberals are inclusive, meaning include everyone. What thinkers are constantly trying to compartmentalize concepts? "Airhead." Perhaps the gift of a high-functioning brain is overrated. I interpret the literal meaning of the epithet "airhead" as a head filled with air. I reflect that without the tools to measure cognitive activity and the lack of basic anatomical knowledge, it might be possible to believe that someone has a head filled with air. This "vision," if you will, of a head "filled with air" offers the same level of medical sense as the Magical Secretion. Having to deal with these back-to-the-Dark Ages ideas is somewhat annoying. But as medieval science teaches us, discomforts of the head are usually caused by the presence of an evil humor or small demon striking the skull with a wee hammer or other object. The most efficacious remedy is to drill a small hole into the skull to allow the humor or demon to escape. However, bathing also lends itself to many ill humors such as headache, vapours, etc. Bathing should be avoided to preserve the body from drafts and humors unless one is a prostitute (then the face and hands may be washed). I wonder what Todd Akin recommends about bathing? ; )
Bren August 27, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Romney doesn't have a widow's peak. Know your candidates! This stuff is important. ; )
Bren August 27, 2012 at 09:35 PM
JMB, JMB. Where to start with your revisionist post (which type doesn't work well work in a mixed "room" where folks with memories reaching back before 2008 may be present). The most important point is that Obama is only "on a path to add more National Debt" is because of the actions of past presidents. His federal spending (less stimulus spending) is lower than his predecessor's. If the Romney/Rand ticket wins in November, will you blame them for the deficit? Clearly the government is limping along despite the extraordinary obstruction coming from Congress over the past four years (less 6-8 months). The Ryan/Rand budget has been debunked as adding more expense, so that's not what I'd call a working plan. Medicare and SS are not in the dire circumstances that we are being told to believe, don't be fooled. The first and best plan is to end the tax cuts for the wealthy, end oil subsidies and other pork, and trim military spending beginning with ending private contracting in Iraq/Afghanistan and transferring these jobs to military personnel. The cost to deploy one U.S. soldier overseas is approximately $40,000/year. The cost of one contractor is between $73,000-$350,000k, plus $800,000/year paid to the contracting firm per employee for insurance and other reimbursements. It is estimated there are approximately 14,000 contractors in Iraq and 25,000 in Afghanistan (1st Q 2012). Obviously this is taking time, Obama needs a second term.
Bren August 27, 2012 at 09:36 PM


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