After Further Review . . . Governor Walker Is Still A Hypocrite

Scotty favors unions... as long as they offer entertainment, not education.


First of all, I'd like to apologize to my five readers and many, many tormentors for my lack of blogging lately. My work schedule has drasticaly changed and is not exactly conducive for keeping a blog, except for today.

If I would have had the time to blog, I would have written about these topics in a more timely manner:

  • The fact that Mitt Romney's Bain Capital is a majority owner of Clear Channel, which owns most of the conservative "News" radio stations across the country, including our very own 620 WTMJ... making it safe to say that Charlie Sykes is Mitt's b#itch!
  • Republicans blocked a Veterans Jobs Bill to help vets find employment in public work projects and as police officers and firefighters. Only five Republican Senators put voted for the bill, while the rest put partisan politics before the interest of our 9/11 veterans. See story here.
  • Paul Ryan was heavily booed by a crowd of AARP seniors as he told them he was going to get rid of "Obama Care". See the video here
  • The fact that Mitt Romney's now infamous comments about the "47%" were wrong in soooooo many ways... forget the fact that they were insulting to half of Americans - how about the fact that the 47% he was refering to is his base. That's right, people who rely on the government most tend to vote Republican - go figure! Eight out of the nine poorest state, the states with the highest percentage of people "mooching" off the government vote GOP almost all the time. And the most disturbing fact is that some of those 47% who mooch and don't pay Federal Income taxes are seniors collecting social security and active military personnel. See story here.
  • While you are allowed to carry a gun into the chamber if you are an elected official, you cannot carry a sign or take pictures or video in the Capitol building in Madison, or you will be ticketed, arrested or bullied at home or your workplace. That's right, the new Madison Capital Police Chief wants us to have to request a permit from the government to express our constitutional right to show our grievence with THAT same government - a bit counter-intuitive don't you think? See this B.S. here.


But I had no time write about those topics for the last two weeks, leaving me with the most recent topic to make my blood boil: The NFL strike and that crappy call by the replacement referees.

I played football in high school and a little beyond, I have coached football, I have been a part of a union and I have taught school, so I know a little something about what I am about to say here...

The refs blew the call - a few times, and the owners are greedier than the refs, who were willing to put an incomplete, not ready for prime time product on the field and into the market instead of letting the unions guys keep their current pensions and receive a salary increase.

Yeah, the refs only work six months out of the year, earn $100,000+ and almost all have other jobs as well, but as we have all learned since that fateful game against Seattle Monday night, like it or not, the refs are an integral part of the game and deserve a larger peice of the pie that the owners (and players) are trying to gobble up all for themselves.

The morning after the game I was listening to 620 WTMJ (I just made a bitter face) and every dude who called into the show was saying that the greedy owners just need to bite the bullet and give the refs what they want because the replacements sucked and that the games weren't watching anymore and the current situation was making a mockery of the NFL.

Nobody, not one person said that the refs should be outright fired, that the owners were correct in staying strong, that a pension should be replaced with a crappy 401K. Even Governor Walker, who admitted to who he thought was David Koche that he kept a baseball bat in his office for union bashing, suggested that the owners give the union refs what they wanted to a better product could be on the football field.

This is the same governor and the same right-wingers who REALLY feel that unions should die a quick, painful death (at their hands). Walker's buddy Fitzgerald admitted that Act 10 was all about union-busting and breaking up the Democratic strategy that comes from that section of workers.

I don't know a single Republican who believes in unions, apparently except for the unions who represent millionaire athletes and the guys who are dressed in zebra stripes who throw little yellow flags at them.

That's right - conservatives, and apparently the majority of Wisconsinites hold more importance in entertainment than the proper education of our children. They would rather see a well-officiated game of football for three hours per week while they throw back a few cold ones and pound down a bag of chips than see their own children educated by properly-paid professional teachers with a little bit of respect and a decent retirement package.

You guys called for the teachers who called in sick to protest in Madison to be fired... you called for the doctors who wrote their excuses to be fired... you probably called for the striking teachers in Chicago to be fired, or hung, and you probably were ecstatic back in the 80's when your idol (and ex-union President) Ronald Reagan fired all of the striking airline pilots... But you NEVER called for the striking referees to be fired!

Hypocrites!!! The refs only work three hours a week right, six months a year, right? (wrong). Teachers only work 7 hours a day, eight months a year, right? (wrong). The refs are greedy for wanting a pension instead of a 401K right? Teachers are  greedy for wanting a pension plan instead of a 401K right? The refs are greedy because they want a raise because they feel they are under-appreciated and the owners don't the value of what they bring to the game, right? The teachers are greedy because they want job security and the right to have a voice in the workplace because they are important to society, right? (forget raises).

We learned our lesson about bringing in scabs to do the job of well-trained professionals by watching (and cursing) as the Seahawks stole a game from our beloved Packers by being on the right end of a bad call. But we have not yet learned our lesson about replacing well-trained professional educators with lesser-qualified teachers who will work for less pay and benefits and no say in the system in which they are ultimately responsible for.

If you look at the data, Wisconsin is doing great in our public education system, out-doing most of the nation in graduation rates and ACT scores - yet we punish them by reducing salaries and taking away pensions and their voices... Sounds pretty unfair to me.

Now we have districts like New Berlin and Racine looking at firing every teacher and rehiring them at $35,000, no matter education level or experience they have. We had teachers retire in droves because they felt so disgusted and disrespected. We have a Governor who would rather balance the budget on the backs of teachers than millionaires, who would dismantle teacher unions, but not firefighter or police unions, causing virtual wars within family homes. (I know plenty of teachers married to cops and firemen - imagine those arguments).

And we have a Governor who said that it was more important to give each home-owner a $29 tax break this year than to give the teacher who is with their child 180 days per year a little bit of respect and a voice in the education system. And we have a Governor who is willing to let less-qualified teachers teach in the charter school system with funding he ripped off from the public school system.

Walker is happy that the NFL owners came to an agreement with the union refs in order to put out a good quality piece of entertainment, yet he refused to sit down and talk with the union teachers in order to help put out a good quality educational product for the children... What A Total Hypocrite!

I love football too Scotty, but unlike you, I actually played the GAME. And yes, it is just a game... Our education on the other hand is NO game - Now stop playing around and return the system to the professionals and let ACT 10 die a quick, painless death in the courts and let the teachers have a voice in curriculum and testing and text book adoption instead of leaving that to non-teaching professionals who just happened to make it to the school board.

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Bren October 01, 2012 at 06:26 PM
And he was out-of-state (again) over the weekend showboating at the New Hampshire GOP convention. Well, Scott Walker is what passes for an effective legislator and advocate for Wisconsin for a slim majority of voters in our state, thanks for that.
CowDung October 01, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Walker is a governor, not a legislator...
Bren October 01, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Oops. And I forgot to put (R-ALEC) after Walker's name. Sorry. ; )
J. B. Schmidt October 02, 2012 at 05:30 PM
I must be honest. When your first bullet point expresses a completely false premise, I refused to read the rest. Bain began a partnership with Clear Channel in 2006. Years after Romney was no longer working with Bain. Not to mention if you did even a second of investigation (I realize you are busy) you would have found out that many Bain executives gave lots of money to Obama and the Democratic Party while they owned Clear Channel. Once again your failed ability to point out true hypocrisy has only brought to light the true extent of your own.
Jason Patzfahl October 05, 2012 at 03:36 AM
Executives who are majority owners of "news" radio stations shouldn't give money to ANY political candidate, and conservative talk show hosts should not endorse a man who still owns stock in a company that owns their radio station. And President Obama does not own stock in a company that is the majority owner of the station that produces only liberal talk radio - see the difference? Ah, I can see it starting to get through the first couple layers of your thick, bald skull right now... does it hurt or simply tickle?
J. B. Schmidt October 05, 2012 at 12:20 PM
@Jason Are you expecting all stock holders to be completely aware of the personal views of the companies CEO or other board members? Do you keep tabs on all the personal beliefs of company executives that might make up your retirement portfolio? As for the CEO him/herself, why should ones freedom to support a candidate be subject to the business he operates? Couldn't all business be twisted in a way to show partisanship? What companies does Obama own stock in? In fact, in 2009 Obama owned a Vanguard fund that had a large stake in JP Morgan Chase. Didn't they get bail out money? Isn't that a much more questionable conflict of interest? The president owned stock in a company that his policies helped prop up. If you wrote blogs that had their basis in logic and reality, then you would realize that neither Obama or Romney have any actual control over the day-to-day operations of the companies that they are invested. These are investments used to build retirement money and not some devious scheme to control corporate America in order to get elected. Lastly, why do you libs have such a fascination with my bald head? Can't you guys just ask your wives to go Sinead O'connor and end this unhealthy fantasy to my beautiful dome?
Jason Patzfahl October 06, 2012 at 05:13 AM
Obama may have owned a Vanguard fund and had some stake in JP Morgan, but he never OWNED the majority of JP Morgan like Romney owned a majority stake in Bain - that's the difference. Either way, we probably both agree that all money should be taken out of politics - or do we? After all, it was the GOP that backed the fight to allow unlimited corporate donations into politics while the dems tried to fight that B.S. And yes, I am sure your wife believes your dome is beautiful, but we can't ask my wife how she feels about my (mostly full) head of hair because according to you, if she gives me the wrong answer, I will "beat her" isn't that so J.B?
J. B. Schmidt October 06, 2012 at 04:30 PM
@Jason So in your black helicopter, foil hat world you are trying to imply the following: Conservative talk radio hosts (who I would like to point out did not all like Romney during the primary) are being told who to support at the direction of their station managers, who are instructed to do so by their Clear Channel Representative, who is being told to do so by the Clear Channel CEO, who is being told to do so by the Bain Capital CEO (contradicting himself because he is an Obama supporter) and he is taking his orders from Romney because Romney holds controlling shares and has 100% control over what Bain and Bain invested companies produce. Is that what you are saying? Cause it sounds like the ranting of a crazy man. Liberals have been trying to take money out of politics and have only created a bigger mess. Unrestricted Super PAC's were created because there was to much money going to candidates. It is hard to deny that money talks, as such restricting it is restricting ones free speech. The corporation donations were found to be constitutional, how can you argue with that? As for your wife, it creeps me out that you would want to even imply the desire to beat her. Don't you hold her in higher regard then that. Since I have at no time ever said that beating anyone, let alone a wife, is acceptable; it appears that I hold your wife in higher regard then you do.
Jason Patzfahl October 06, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Mr "JB Schmidt" when I wrote a satirical piece (http://greendale.patch.com/blog_posts/my-exclusive-and-revealing-interview-with-mitt-romney) in which I "interviewed" Mitt Romney after his embarrassing trip abroad during the Olympics you were so furious at the way I pocked fun at him you proclaimed in the comment section that "Patzfahl beats his wife," apparently trying to get back at me for satirizing Romney. The difference is that Romney is a public figure who no one is Greendale personally knows - and I had a disclaimer in my satire stating it was pure fiction, and I live in this community and have to interact with people you told I assault my spouse. How does that lie look in the eyes of your God? Enjoy mass tomorrow "JB". The confessional is on the right side . . .
J. B. Schmidt October 06, 2012 at 06:06 PM
@Jason Within the posts you claimed you were writing a fictional story you also included, "but the heart of the matter is that while Romney would never actually say any of this in public - you damn well know that he agrees with those narrow-minded and bigoted remarks that I had his character say." When you include the word 'but' in the remark, it negates the idea that what you were writing was actually fiction according your own beliefs. However, there are times that as a Christian I fail to keep my brain in check. In an attempt to prove the ridiculousness of your own blog I said that horrible lie. I apologize for what I said. I have deleted it from the page. I hope that neither you nor your wife have suffered harm. I have made serious attempts to keep my posts for the most part clean. You are correct, that my God would not find those words appropriate.
Jason Patzfahl October 11, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Apology accepted . . . and I apologize for making any negative comments on your "dome". I would tell you that your shaved head is a good look for you and makes you look masculine and rugged, but knowing your views towards homosexuals, I will refrain from doing so and making you feel uncomfortable and yet strangely turned on at the same time (in a manly, heterosexual kind of way of course). Ooops, too late.
Fleming October 11, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Even so, he's done a lot more for the state than the last piece of dung that was our governor. So he's helping others get elected, so what. And it wasn't a slim majority.


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