A Vote for Barrett is an Act of Selfishness

Will you enter the voting booth on June 5th for selfish reasons?

Are you a Barrett supporter?  Do you find that balanced budgets stir rage within your normally sensible existence?  Has lowered unemployment in Wisconsin caused you to bang your head against the wall?  When business groups say they favor a state run by conservative policies rather then one run by liberal policy, do you bury your head in the sand?  Does making public employees contribute toward their own benefits cause your skin to crawl?  If you answered yes to the questions above, you might be suffering from Selfish Voters for Barrett syndrome.

SVB is an affliction in which a liberal voter acts on the personal desire to have a Democrat in office rather than what is best for the state.  It causes a disconnect between facts and logic resulting in an inability to make a rational decision.    This disconnect leads to fits of anger and the urge to march around buildings banging a drum.  In extreme cases a person may become drawn to animal scat as a form of entertainment.

Most people who suffer SVB no longer care about the state and its ability to succeed; rather, they are committed to the single purpose of returning a Democrat to power.  They are not concerned with the track record of the Democrats, nor are they concerned with positive course Wisconsin has been on since the election of Scott Walker.  Instead, this is a single minded self serving effort to win the seat for their candidate.  A motive not based in what is best for their fellow citizens, but a motive based on what best fills their own needs.

SVB is highly contagious and people who are suffering with these ailments should be isolated and monitored for possible disturbing outbursts.  In one instance a teacher having been entranced by the banging of a drum was only capable of repeating the phrase ‘FOX lies’ over and over.  Lucky for him, they had doctors on site providing written excuses that people could submit to their employers until they regained most cognitive abilities. 

There is little that can be done to save people with SVB.  Most of them have become so close minded that no amount of truth can break the grip that SVB has on their psyche.  The selfishness associated with SVB has become addictive.  Like junkies, these voters received their liberal fix with every policy that Doyle and Democrats enacted.  Having been high on over spending and excessive legislation for eight years; the past year and half of conservative legislation has forced withdrawals in Democratic voters jonesing for liberalism.  They are willing to steal the state and sell it to the unions for a quick hit of progressivism, no matter how damaging it is.

If you want to help stop the spread of SVB, here are some precautions you can use to protect yourself and your family.

1)      Stay educated on the state of Wisconsin.  Ignorance is the leading factor to contraction of SVB.

2)      Vote for Scott Walker and the positive future of Wisconsin on June 5th.

3)      Go to iverifytherecall.com and look for family members or friends.  The people listed here are in serious trouble and need our love and support to get through the next 2 weeks.

4)      Lastly, forward this blog and tell others of the damaging affects of selfishness.  Only by placing the needs of the state above our own, can we break the hold of political greed that has plagued this state.

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Alfred June 01, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Lyle of course, there is mucho price inflation in all military purchases, remember the $100 toliet seats?
Lyle Ruble June 01, 2012 at 05:01 PM
@Alfred...What do you purpose as an alternative; a free market military?
James R Hoffa June 01, 2012 at 05:30 PM
That's very nice of you Steve! ;-)
James R Hoffa June 01, 2012 at 05:32 PM
WOW - How did I miss this blog entry? GREAT piece J.B. - LOVE IT!!!
Dirk Gutzmiller June 01, 2012 at 08:36 PM
@Alfred - Get a soul, Alfred.


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