Vote for 26-Toed Cat in Magazine Modeling Competition

Daniel, the 26-toed cat who saved the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, is in the top five modeling competition for the cover of a new cat magazine.

The cat with 26 toes who has been accredited with raising thousands of dollars that helped the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center find a new home is on his way to becoming a model.

Daniel is competing to be the cover model of the first issue of Modern Cat magazine and he is currently in the top five. Voting ends July 16. People can vote multiple times.

Daniel  to purchase its Greenfield location after their lease was not renewed at Southridge Mall in Greendale last year.  had people from all over the world donate at least $26, or one dollar for each of Daniel’s toes, resulting in more than $120,000 in eight weeks.

Aroundt the same time the center learned that its lease would not be renewed Daniel came to the them from a high-kill animal control agency for care and placement.

Now Daniel is happily living at his new home in the center on South 51st and Loomis Road.

"We saved him...he saved the Center...and now, together, we will save lives for many years to come! Daniel is now the mascot for the Center," said the Milwaukee Animal Center in Daniel's profile.

Click here to vote for Daniel in the Modern Cat competition.

Deborah Smith July 16, 2012 at 09:09 PM
I am so happy that Dee was such a great part in the cat named Daniel. I am happy Dee brought Daniel to live at your shelter.Thankyou Deborah Smith...tablesome77@yahoo.com


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