Meet One of the Faces of the 75th Anniversary Committee

Dave Bauer, former Village Board member, was part of the 50th Celebration Committee. He is once again part of the committee and is in charge of raising funds for the Diamond Celebration.


Name & Occupation: 
Dave Bauer, Currently Unemployed

How long have you lived/worked in Greendale? 
I have lived in Greendale for 32 years

Favorite thing about Greendale? 
There a couple of things. The education system, the friendliness of it and the atmosphere it gave my wife and I to raise our family and now our grandchildren are being raised here.

How did you get involved with the 75th and what keeps you doing it?
I saw the opportunity to join it so I applied. I was on the 50th Anniversary Committee and thought I could be helpful in giving information to this group, as well as being a useful volunteer to make the 75th Birthday as nice as the 50th was.  

What are you most proud of? 
On this Committee I am proud of the fact that when I started out it seemed that the overall thoughts of the group was that this was going to be little a bigger parade and maybe some fireworks. I was able to bring memories of the 50th to this committee and now it looks like it will be a celebration even bigger than the 50th was. My most pride since being in Greendale would have been the time I spent on the Village Board because I felt my contributions on The Board were extensive and I know I put a lot into it.

What influences or inspires you to do this? 
Just seeing the end result and know through the hard work of myself and the rest of the Public Celebrations Committee we were able to pull off a great event.

What ways do you think others can get involved and make a difference with the 75th? 
Right now we are looking for all the hard workers in Greendale to take charge of a task. We are being given all of the ideas to help make our celebration better, however not many of them come with someone to take charge of them. We could do even more if we had the people to help take charge of some tasks.



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