Community Health Survey Being Conducted to 400 Residents By Phone

The Greendale Health Department and other organizations are conducting an 18-minute survey to supplement a prior community health assessment.


The Greendale Health Department and other organizations have teamed up to conduct a community health survey.

The effort will supplement a prior community health assessment conducted three years earlier with updated data and the ability to analyze trends over time.

The 18-minute survey will be conducted between now and mid November. About 400 area residents will be interviewed by telephone. JKV Research, an independent research firm that specializes in community surveys, is conducting it.

The survey will provide valuable data for continued evaluation of community needs and help guide government, not-for-profit and volunteer organizations as they fashion services to meet the most pressing needs of the community, according to a releasse.

“I would encourage all residents of Greendale to help us with this research,” said Health Department Officer Susan Shepeard, . “If you are among those who receive a phone call, please take the time to answer the survey questions.”

The survey focuses on issues such as access to health care, tobacco use, alcohol use, diet, physical activity, cancer prevention, heart health, injury prevention, immunizations, communicable diseases, mental health, and chronic disease.  The survey responses will be completely anonymous. There will be no requests for insurance information, social security numbers or financial records.

The community health survey is aimed at meeting several objectives:

  • Gathering local data to document annual health status related to the 11 health priorities established by the state health plan.
  • Identifying local health behaviors or risk factors that present opportunities for health promotion and health care cost reduction.
  • Tracking the success of community health improvement activities.

The surveys also will allow Aurora, Children’s Hospital, Columbia St. Mary’s, Wheaton Franciscan and Froedtert to document population health indicators to help guide clinical efforts.  

The survey in Greendale is sponsored by Greendale Health Department and is being paid for by a grant from Aurora, Children’s Hospital, Columbia St. Mary’s, Wheaton Franciscan and Froedtert.


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