Family Rings in New Year With Son's Birth

Andrea and Daniel Becerra are the happy first-time parents who had the first baby of 2013 at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

New Year's Eve was extra exciting for a Greendale family.

Andrea and Daniel Becerra were ringing in the New Year at Andrea’s parents home in Greendale – a low-key evening for the couple who were eagerly awaiting Andrea’s Jan. 4 due date.

Plans changed, however, as Andrea started having contractions Monday night.

The New Berlin couple decided to spend the rest of the evening at Daniel’s parents' house – just 10 minutes from Waukesha Memorial Hospital – in case Andrea would need to leave for the hospital.

“It got nuts and we said ‘It’s time to go in,’” Daniel said. “We weren’t sure. We were going to wait it out, and my mom insisted. She said, ‘You know, they are coming seven minutes apart, you should get there.’ We get here and we found that the baby was breeched and we had to have a C-sections. It was an eventful night. I am glad that she insisted.”

Connor Daniel Becerra was born shortly before 5:30 a.m. New Year’s Day to be the first child born at the Waukesha hospital. The Becerras are welcoming their first child into their life with the New Year.

“We thought about Christmas, we thought about New Year’s and we thought about my birthday, which is Jan. 11,” Daniel said. “He decided to pick New Year’s Day.”

Already the couple is in love with their new son, but they’re tired from the long day.

“He is great, he is perfect,” Daniel said. “I saw him, and I said ‘I can’t believe this is my baby.’ It has still not settled in yet. It is becoming more and more real.”

While Andrea originally wanted to know if their baby would be a boy or a girl, Daniel urged her to wait until their child’s birth to find out. She was glad Daniel insisted on waiting.

“It was so exciting at the end,” Daniel said. “The suspense was killing me, I am telling you.”

And Daniel had to be the one who was wrong when it came to their guesses.
“Everyone but me thought it was going to be a boy,” Daniel said. “I held onto my prediction that it was going to be a girl until the very last second. I was wrong, everybody else was right.”


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