We're No. 5 When It Comes to Screaming for Ice Cream

We spend a lot on the frozen dairy treat, and we should since we live in the Dairy State. However, we're not No. 1 and itmay surprise you who beat us out.

Wisconsinites and those of us in the Milwaukee area love our ice cream, but apparently we fall far short of the folks in the nation's capitol.

In celebration of July being National Ice Cream month, data and survey website Bundle.com recently looked into which cities and states spend the most on ice cream. Wisconsin came in third place behind the District of Columbia and (seriously?) Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union.

Milwaukee placed fifth among cities, bowing to Long Beach, CA; Dallas; Philadelphia; and Columbus, OH.

Wisconsin consumes 26 percent to 50 percent more than the average American, according to the study.

The website examined all households that had a credit card transaction at ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors. It then examined the total number of transactions and spend per city and ranked on a per -apita basis.

Other interesting items from the Bundle.com research:

  • District of Columbia residents eat 85 percent more than the average American. The website mused that it could be due to an ice cream outing by President Obama on Father’s Day to the famous Georgetown ice cream shop Thomas Sweet, but who's to say?
  • Long Beach is the Number 1 ice cream-crazy city in America, eating 268 percent more than the average American and spends 1,061 percent more than average
  • Something in the water? Most of the top states are located along bodies of water: whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Superior or the Gulf of Mexico, states with beaches are where ice cream is most popular (with the exception being Utah). 

Want to celebrate, or improve our placement for next year? There are plenty of places to feed your ice cream craving around Greendale:

Shakes and other frozen treats are also offered at and

Any others you'd like to add? Tell us about them in the comments!


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